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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Mon PM 8-07-17  
chattels: The US Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know : The Trump administration has increased its military and political support for Syrian forces as they fight their way into the ISIS-held city of Raqqa. But many fear what will follow when ISIS is eventually ousted.
chattels: Lack of money means slow start to reconstruction of Mosul By Rudaw : MOSUL, Iraq – Every morning, temporary workers ready to rebuild Mosul wait in the streets, seeking employment.
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Semperfi01:  Guys do none of you remember all the discussions that we had with Tony and DC and how they explained about the GCR and how each country's currency rate was going to be set and tracked in live time according to their combined total assets.

No country's currency is going to be GOLD backed its going to be ASSET backed. Total combined asset worth gold silver minerals oil gas lumber iron ore every tangible asset that the country has. Bought and  sold in real time.

Xyz:  Iraq’s economy has been booming. This latest move should prolong the economic expansion. Indeed, for all Western lobbyists sing the praises of Iraqi Kurdistan’s economic boom, when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are, international investors favor Baghdad over Erbil because Iraq has more financial discipline and corruption
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How to Hide a Mini Vault Safe
By Sue Stepp

Camouflage your safe using everyday objects.

Using a safe in your home makes keeping cash at home safer. There is less chance of having the money stolen when it is locked in a safe, but small safes are easily stolen. Hiding a mini vault safe is simple. 

​The hardest part of hiding a mini vault safe is finding the best hiding place. Putting the safe in the wall behind a picture or under the bed is obvious and easily found. The easiest way people hide safes uses camouflage.

I slandg1211  UPDATE for August 7, 2017

Mosul is liberated. Tal Afir, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria are not. Tal Afir is surrounded and the invasion plans completed and will only take a few weeks. Raqqa is about half done, but not ready for the full scale door-to-door invasion. That will happen this Fall. 

Today the GOI passed laws related to decentralize government and elections in the provinces. These are important to support the local governments which us apart of the original UN plan to rebuild the country of Iraq as a democracy. So they are complying with the UN sanctions to de-centralize the government. 

The GOI has actually done something last week and today when they approved the budget amendment. That was a requirement of the IMF, and by passing it, they got the loan installment approval from the IMF's review. 
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