November 8th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Afternoon 11-08-17 Part 2 of 2

The Crisco Kid: @Top_Intel So Your Saying My Worthless Zims Bought Before 11-15-2017 Are Good If I Can Answer Some Questions ?
The Crisco Kid: Where Do These Guys Get This Stuff ??

Top_Intel: @Kid: yes, but maximum is 9 million UK Pound per person only
Top_Intel: you don't have to answer any question  but please read the topic carefully

Top_Intel: you can receive even 100 trillions but if only you can pass the spirit & material test but (99.99% who join the test will failed)

Top_Intel: for normal person the rate/price is 1 million UK Pound per Zim note. Maximum 9 million UK Pound per person.

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Afternoon 11-08-17 Part 1 of 2

Earlier Chat LINK

Top_Intel: I remind that I only here and in GCR community until 14/11/2017
Top_Intel: you can trust my intel or "your inte", it is up to you not me

chattels: @Top_Intel " Trust " is a word and concept much abused by some within this community.

Jo: @chattels well said

Top_Intel: trust/believe/gambling

chattels: @Top_Intel All of us have already gambled, we are just waiting for the dice to stop rolling. What, why or whether we believe is not going to affect the roll of the dice.


Doodlebug: Iraq to emerge even better than before... bigger, better, stronger. Meanwhile, choking the life out of all that sponsor terrorism.

Samson:  Qatari Foreign Minister: Iraq is preparing to return to its position and the government prevented the disintegration of the country

13:39 - 08/11/2017

Qatari Foreign Minister Abdul Rahman al-Thani said on Wednesday that Iraq is preparing to return to its position that was better, praising the efforts of the Iraqi government in dealing with the crisis of the referendum and prevent the "disintegration" of Iraq.

Al-Thani said in a press conference with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari in Doha that "Iraq is preparing to return to its position, which was even better than it was," stressing "Qatar's firm position in supporting the unity of Iraq."


Samson: The Council of Ministers holds its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi

7th November, 2017

The Cabinet held its regular session Tuesday, November 7, 2017, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi. 

The Council voted to finance the rehabilitation project for the Mohammed Al Qasim Road Road. The road will be opened for cars and small means of transport within a period of not more than one month from the referral of the project to the company to which it will be referred. The Council of Ministers voted on the Charter of Good Governance for Non-State Owned Companies and its Road Map. 

The adoption of the poverty database was also voted on as a key pillar in the planning and implementation of social policies and programs.


Samson:  Journal of Monetary and Financial Studies

8th November, 2017

Monetary and Financial Studies Journal (refereed scientific semiannual magazine published
Central Bank Iraq) Volume ( 1 ) Second Issue : August 2017 ... Download   Click here

Don961: Thanks sam ... 154 page PDF document ..... a couple opening pages are in English .. and some pages do have some English .....but most in Arabic ... 1st few opening pages :