September 6th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday  9-06-17 
chattels: The judiciary asks the House of Representatives to lift the immunity of Nassif
chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] The Council of Justice asked the Presidency of the House of Representatives to remove the immunity of MP Alia Nassif or not to bring them, after the member of the Political Bureau of the Union of Forces, former MP Haider Mulla, a lawsuit against it.
"Al-Mulla filed a complaint against Naseef before the Karkh investigation court for issuing a statement on the media, in which the complainant attacked Mullah."


Walkingstick:  Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer resigns

In a surprise move that could augur a shakeup at the U.S. central bank, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer announced Wednesday that he would resign next month for "personal reasons." 

Fischer, 73, praised the economic recovery in his resignation letter, saying it was "a great privilege" to work on the board alongside Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Fischer, who has been a member of the central bank's board for three years, was not scheduled to leave the Fed until June of 2018. He will step down on Oct. 13.

Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist with Capital Economics, said Fischer's abrupt departure could signal that Yellen, a close ally of the Vice Chairman, is unlikely to be renominated for a second term when her current tenure ends in February.

"[W]ithout additional clarity, the markets will jump to the conclusion that this lowers the odds of President Donald Trump nominating Yellen for a second term as Chair. Yellen and Fischer are viewed as being close and appear to share very similar views on both the monetary policy outlook and regulatory issues. 

This is a developing story.


Walkingstick:  Abadi announces the formation of a high committee to follow up the investment projects

Walkingstick:  Abadi: The formation of a high committee to follow up investment projects and remove the obstacles to their implementation

MadeeandLyndee: This is huge news. Abadi does not want this kicked down the road anymore because the road might disappear if Iraq continues to stall.

Boxman: Abadi being involved should mean these projects will be completed, unlike Maliki and other politicians who used the funds for personal use..


StephenMac63: Theres something peculiar about the budget.....has to many "trillions".......ah, we then have to think of their pattern....present something and its always late in delivery but retroactive.

Try this out.....Iraq knows we are watching them like a hawk, every move, every nuance, we question what they say. If I had a country and was doing Monetary Reform, would I release facts and figures before I declare internationalism? Nope, would cause a buying frenzy because those folks around the world know how to use a calculator to see if they would make a profit from purchasing currency and holding.

I look at the "budget" they presented as a placeholder, the whole budget, one gigantic placeholder with extremely large numbers to scare even the most timid investor.

The average person that reads the budget and accepts it for face value would stay away from the country.