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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday 10-07-17 Part 2 of 2
Duke77: I really question if the whole referendum thing was part of the CBI's plan to suck in the 3 zero notes. They have cut them off from the bank auctions and I would think this made the Kurds dump the dinar for USD.
chattels: Kurdistan Region said that it reached on Saturday an agreement with two Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq to lift the sanctions on the region and start a dialogue to calm the escalating tension because of the referendum on independence.
Duke77: Makes one wonder if this is part of their smoke and mirrors games they've been playing...
chattels: @Duke77 Interesting notion.
chattels: @Duke77 There was news of relaxation on the auction ban recently though.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday 10-07-17 Part 1 of 2
xyz: vote on the draft law of the second amendment to the law of the Central Bank of Iraq 

xyz: Newspaper published the conditions of the new Kurds to freeze the referendum and reveal 

xyz: we find that Iraq has the potential to make it the longest life of the default reserves of oil, as estimated life span of Iraqi oil reserves by 164 years, the longest virtual life, which means that Iraq will be one of the few countries to maintain a huge oil reserves.

(Feel Free to use which of these Suggestions may fit your own personal circumstances and discard those that don't)

Reposted for our newest members: 

List of Bank Services to Request or find out about

The following list is from several sources. i wish to thank everyone who unknowingling contributed to this post.


Ask the private banker or bank manager to provide the following items:

1. No spread fees or bank fees of any kind charged on the currency exchange.
(With the “1% over-nights”, the “Quarterlies” and the “fractional banking loans”, this should not be an issue.)

​Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments 10-07-17

Kaperoni:   Float the dinar .. or VAT Kodaf oaths
10/05/2017 (00:01 pm) - Number of readings: 874 - Issue (4033)
Abdul Hussain Hinan
Before the Central Bank of Iraq began to use the term (currency window) instead of (currency auction), which is true simply because there is an auction so that we call the auction, but it is a window to distribute the rations distributed by the bank on the banks monopoly buy the dollar and some of them has any balance inside Iraq , while preventing the Iraqi to buy them.

​And all of these banks are doing is to bring bills are incorrect and certified by commercial attachés in our embassies in Dubai, Beirut, Amman and other during a routine operation takes place in embassies without checking their veracity.
The central bank may impose a ratio of 8% of the value of any bill to silence the few voices objecting to the policy and considered at the time , the percentage represents a customs tax on goods are retrieved after confirming the arrival of the goods to Iraq and the payment of customs duties it.


Don961:  Communications: High-quality Internet service on the landline at the end of the current month

October 07 2017 11:09 p
The ministry of communications

The Executive Director of the National Internet Project Alaa Jassim Musa said Saturday that the end of October will see the launch of high-quality Internet service on landline ..

"Four million and 800 thousand lines will be distributed to citizens throughout the country's centers," Moussa said during a press briefing. "Each cabin contains 2,400 lines that will be distributed to agents," he said.

"At the end of October, the country will witness the launch of high-quality Internet service and more than 100 encrypted channels as well as landline telephone service," he added.
Moussa stressed that "the Ministry of Communications is keen to operate towers owners and not to do without their services."       link