October 20th 10am

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Footforward Update:

Short 6 minute Update Recording from Footforward,

Thursday 10/19/17

Playback Number: (641) 715-3649 - Participant Code: 668064


10.20.17 I Bluwolf am a very spiritual man of Jehova God. A warrior living in a total crisis due to the passing of hurricane Maria. God has sent me a bunch of Angels to assist me and thanks to there efforts already over 3,000 families have been help and for that I thank them.

But as of late last night I got an anonymous message talking negativity about one of these Angels, her name is Becky you know her as Ootah. Ootah has been with my cause since day one and she has supplied the money that has serve so many in need and for that she has my thank you and blessings. But someone of evil stature has been trying to destroy this most needed help by dirting her name and this for me is unacceptable.

Just so you may know she has sent me every penny that was raised in her fund raisers and she did not retain any money for herself as this creature from satan has stated. I suggest to this evil person that instead of talking bad about Ootah or anybody else like her, trying to stop a good cause of help, why don't you use your energy's to do that which is righteous and of samaritan standards, help me help the U.S.citizens of Puerto Rico.

​My apologies to you Ootah and my thank you. To all be blessed, please keep me and my people in your prayers and thank you recaps for being my voice in this difficult time. Na'maste Bluwolf 


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk about Iraq first. We have had meetings in Washington and New York for days that have accomplished a lot, and meetings out west that have accomplished a lot. We had meetings that ended late last night both in Washington and New York. The results of the meetings were that today the IMF and the US Treasury both congratulated Iraq on the fact that they are getting ready to implement their new economic reforms. Implement and activate are two different things. Implement means we congratulate them in putting themselves in the position to activate.
Bruce: We had the new Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the CBI, that was here in New York yesterday, and had some meetings at the United Nations. He had good financial meetings and went back over to Iraq with 3 or 4 after the meetings ended late last night. Alak is back in Iraq.


Lobster: Sounds like a great time for PM Abadi to announce full liberation & revaluation of his country's currency, then invite the world to watch Iraq grow!

JesusLovesBaseball:  Minister of Trade to inspect the preparations for the Baghdad International Fair in its 44th session

Minister of Commerce and Dr. Salman today inspected the preparations for the launch of the Baghdad Exhibition Course in its 44th session, which begins on the 21st of this month under the slogan "We liberated our land and with your cooperation we build it.