February 12th 6pm

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Herewego: Dr. Clarke, are we still looking to February for good things to happen?

DR. CLARKE (2-12-18):  We told you (WHAT & WHEN) was NOT going to happen, even though EVERY major Intel Provider (EVERYONE else - printed articles, conference calls, blogs, websites) was, printing and speaking about it this past week or 2, and in fact we've been showing and leading you up to this, since our first post in January 2018.......actually since last July 2017......despite so many injecting their own, personal meaning into everything....without Us EVER saying RV RV RV!

We ARE telling you WHAT & WHEN - IS about to Happen.....

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday  2-12-18   

Baxter: So ... who in here yesterday said that they were going to leave Parliament "open" so they could pass it????

Baxter: it was WhiteLions..... wasnt it that said that??

JoeSchmoe: So I was just wandering through a different facebook dinar group, and saw a post by someone named Mohammed Jasim. Supposedly an Iraqi who travels back and forth from Baghdad and US. He had nothing positive to say about this thing. In fact, what he said made alot of sense unfortunately.

Doug_W: only time will say 4 sure Joe

JoeSchmoe: Ya...that thing called 'time'. It just keeps going


Frank26: KTFA KONA ....................... THERE WILL ONLY BE 2 ADVERTISES TONIGHT .................... WE NEED TO GET TO WORK TONIGHT !!! !!! !!!    C U ON YOUR MONDAY CC (7pm est)

Kimbu: I'm afraid of getting excited. I've been disappointed so much in the past. I just hope this Kuwait conference isn't a let down.  

Frank26: DO NOT LET ...................... YOURSELF DOWN.  BE STRONG !!! !!! !!! 

Hazen: I think we're all afraid of being disappointed but we know this ride can't continue on a program rate. 

Doodlebug: Is it just me? It seems as if Frank changed from being stressed or maybe a little frustrated(?) yesterday, to completely at peace and almost, a little excited to talk to us tonight?!? Okay, maybe not "a little excited"... but REALLY EXCITED?!? What do you think, Family?

Strongcbm: I think so too Doodles... Frank went from being a porcupine to being a fluffy happy panda..lol

By Marsha Cook

​Our words have such tremendous power to help and heal or to disparage and hurt.

When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?”. ~ Sydney J. Harris

Definitions/dictionary … Do you have a shelf or many with books on them? Might one of those books be a dictionary or a Thesaurus?

​Have you ever wondered where all the definitions in these huge volumes came from? I have. ‘Man’ writes these glorious tomes filled with words.


It's Monday February 12th 2018 and both Currency Holders and Intel providers seem to be more dazed and confused than ever before. So with that said, let's review our status and try to figure out what we can and should expect moving forward.

For 5+ years I've been saying no one knows when the RV/GCR will occur, and now after going through another (exceptionally) hyped up holiday season, that statement couldn't be truer!

This post is not meant to be negative, but after reading several week's worth of posts filled with hype and more disinformation, I've decided to bring some common sense back into Dinarland.


Steadfast: Apparently the Iraqi leaders don't care about getting the budget done, I am sure they are all living well and don't seem to care much about their citizens….If today's meeting wasn't enough motivation to get it done, what is it going to take?

FutureMoney: Looks like the conference is going to be a faliure..its 3:00 pm in Iraq and they have only received 2 grants for reconstruction...looks like them not getting the budget done , was a killer

Nana2you: They are never going to announce this… they will just do it.....wait for news a little later still too early for us to hear from across the pond.

Dedar: You know how fat this baby has become. That final push is always the hardest to give birth.

Fullsail: over the weekend Ray posted something to the effect that we are not waiting on iraq anymore, we should know that by now.


Manu68: With Kuwait and Japan kicking off pledging aid to help Iraq rebuild, does this mean they (the LL) have been satisfied with clarification of the LDs which in turn confirms to them its all systems go as far as getting an ROI... which means its time to “OPEN” and show the budget/RI to the world? Nothing is free in this world, and they wouldn’t be pledging diddly squat if they weren’t appeased by Iraq

DELTA: (thumbs up)

Manu68:  Ok i like the sound of that... then we’re good to go - 2nd article where art thou

Billuke: If I read/understood correctly...didn't Frank say the 2nd article is the KW Conference?