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Samson: How has the IMF become a key player in crisis management?

9th October, 2017 by Nada Ali

Against the background of the massive expansion of the petrodollars in the 1960s and 1970s, and in line with the international lending approach, the debts of developing countries recorded a 600% increase in 1972-72 and an increase in their debt service The interest on this debt reached 1.100%.

The total debt in Latin America recorded between 1975 and 1983 an annual growth rate of 20%.While the total foreign debt of Latin American countries was not more than $ 75 billion, the total debt increased in 1983 to more than $ 314 billion.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 10-09-17 

chattels: BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq has filed a lawsuit through the office of the public prosecutor to put those officials on trial who arranged the independence referendum on September 25 despite the opposition of the Iraqi government and Iraq’s Supreme Court .


chattels: Iraq's judicial procedures are different from ours.

chattels: The Iraqi criminal justice system, an introduction. https://law-journals-books.vlex.com/vid/iraqi-criminal-system-an-introduction-250024466

chattels: Some writers have made the mistake of trying to compare a civil law trial-by-judge system with the common law trial-by-jury system used in criminal trials in the United States. In the confines of an article such as this, to do any kind of satisfactory comparative analysis is impossible.

However, by referencing the key benchmarks in both justice systems, it is easy enough to see that they both attempt to arrive at the same goals--public punishment of criminal offenders--albeit from different cultural and historical perspectives.


DrDinar: Article:  “The Association of Private Banks holds a risk management training course “ (full article below)

Yes...fits perfectly with the CBI stating that it can't start in the middle of a year, has to be at beginning.....IMO

MilitiaMan: I doubt this is the beginning as we have already had first classes publicly months ago. There is data that suggests classes were complete imo back in late September, one will need to have the ability to access that data as it is published, but, it is password protected for those with the or a need to know.

So, imo if that data is representing the classes we have learned about here, the likely hood that the classes are over already just not full publicly announced yet, is highly probable imo.

Here's a tax-saving strategy to think about in the last few months of 2017.

Matthew Frankel (TMFMathGuy) Oct 8, 2017 

The year is rapidly coming to a close, so it's time to start thinking about the tax moves you'll need to make before the end of 2017.

If you're sitting on any losing investments in your stock portfolio, now could be a smart time to take a second look and decide if they're worth holding onto. If you decide to sell and move on, the loss could potentially get you a nice tax break.

Judy Byington: Judy Note: In 1868 Vatican Jesuits, with help of the British Monarch, created a global system of debt based on a central banking system that printed fiat notes.

To legitimize themselves in non Catholic regions they invented Capitalism, Communism and Nazism using secret societies like the Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, Rotary and Lions Clubs.

They financially controlled Britain and until the fall of 2013, owned America.

In the process they instigated every major war on the planet, murdering millions of Jews, Protestants and Muslims.


Elmerf123456: Be who you are!

1. Express your uniqueness daily
2. Make time for brief moments of solitude
3. Re-connect to a childhood passion
4. Write down three things that you truly value
5. Go easy on the pressure
6. Create relationships based on being you
7. Find your mantra
8. Support someone else in self-expression
9. Create art
10. Remind yourself how important YOU ARE!(even if you may not think so, start thinking differently)