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IQDCalls Chat Early Wednesday 11-01-17 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 11-01-17  

larrykn: I wonder if Article 140 will not be needed because it looks like Adadi is saying that whole area is under government control an the kurds will get 12 plus % of oil revenues, if that the case why have an article 140

chattels: @larrykn I would think because the land is still disputed by the Kurds and the Constitution mandates a process for resolution of the disputes.

chattels: @larrykn Unless Abadi is going to abandon the Constitution, but he avers / swears NOT !


Get1Later: What's the RUSH??? The CBI's STILL on that "FUNKY" Program Rate. Maybe NOT MUCH LONGER?? H'mm!!

Rafidain Bank directs its branches to accelerate the completion of loan transactions

October 31, 2017

The Rafidain Bank, on Tuesday, branches in Baghdad and the provinces to expedite the completion of all transactions for the granting of loans and in accordance with the controls and instructions.

The bank’s information office said in a statement that “the bank called on its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to expedite the completion of all transactions for the granting of loans and in accordance with the controls and instructions,” noting that “under the implementation of the electronic banking system will be completed transactions related to citizens and leave the paper deal.”

He added that “the bank has developed a special form in its branches to update citizens’ data and complete the necessary documents related to them, as well as clean the archive and bank inventory.”


Samson:  British company offers a strange design to rebuild Mosul

13:58 - 01/11/2017

LONDON (Reuters) - Architect Vance Calypott has drawn up a plan to rebuild the city of Mosul by taking advantage of the wreckage of buildings to rebuild destroyed homes to facilitate the return of displaced people, a report by the Daily Mail newspaper reported Wednesday.

"The plan is based on the construction of residential complexes at the site of the five bridges that were hit by coalition aircraft at the beginning of the process, where the use of three-dimensional printer techniques to build houses ready at the speed of 30 houses a day or nearly 55 thousand housing units within five years in the city. "


Jester’s Place:


[cj] Jester...greetings, what are your thoughts on this happening before the new year...thank you


[truth] Jester, I was glad you shared that all 188 countries were now in IMF. Would that be fairer in voting, etc. Did I understand you correctly on that? all countries covered.

[JESTER] truth 189...

[truth] JESTER that seems like much progress in the bigger view! I realize I do not understand all implications involved, but from information you have shared in the past. it just seemed step of progress.