July 7th 6pm

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Dr. Clarke Friday July 7th Update

DR. CLARKE: HAPPY FRIDAY!………our Favorite Day of the Week…….of course, you already know that. Because we start the Party, always on Friday…….haven’t you noticed All the Important ACTIONS & Impact that happens on Fridays?

Ohhhhh, we’re FULL OF IT, Today!……

We don’t have to make that long list of them, because dozens of others, are doing it for you……just read it all…….here and on Worldwide Headlines.

We don’t even want to BEGIN to try and justify WHY we Say what we Say, and Do & Do what we Do……because it doesn’t matter. It’s not our job to CONVINCE you or anyone else, of ANYTHING - (Remember, it’s FREE……we’re not in this for the Pennies - blogging, that is, or any other reason that makes any “sense” whatsoever)……

Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Friday AM 7-07-17  Part 2 of 2
Whitelions: Federal: We have completed 99% of the tasks of combat Twilight News one hour ago Twilight News / Federal police chief announced near completion of its tasks Qtatha in front of Mosul.
 Raed Jawdat team said in an interview reported to Twilight News, he said his forces completed 99% of combat missions taking place in search of Aldoaash and snares in the anonymous al - Najafi area.
Federal police announced earlier in the day restoring al - Najafi street in Mosul, which is the most famous sites in the city. He added that 150 meters separates the liberation of the area declared in full

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Friday AM 7-07-17  Part 1 of 2
chattels: ISIS defeated, but not destroyed, as terror group still holds strategic swaths of Iraq http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/07/06/isis-defeated-but-not-destroyed-as-terror-group-still-holds-strategic-swaths-iraq.html
chattels: The liberation of Mosul from ISIS is nearly complete, but the Islamic State remains a formidable presence in Iraq, and numerous obstacles remain in the way of Iraqi Security forces totally eradicating the ruthless terror group.
chattels: One obscure but strategically important area in need of liberation is the Sunni-majority district of Hawija, which is 100 miles south of Mosul and 30 miles west of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. The location of the district, which had a pre-ISIS population of around 450,000, enables the jihadists to attack the two cities as well as areas in north Tikrit. Also, Hawija’s proximity to mountainous areas has also provided cover for ISIS cells.


Frank26:  BRAVO !!!

BondServant888: Post 213  After years of economic neglect, poverty for the common man and turmoil in the region, Iraq has finally reached a state of constant economic growth under democratic leadership in the aftermath of the US invasion in 2003 and the deposing of Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical regime.

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Iraq’s Economy is Rising

The main driving force behind Iraq’s economic growth is the wealth of natural resources reflected in a large number of oil and gas fields which are now open to international trade.

Emailed to Recaps: 

Some Tidbits from “The Big Call”

Bruce: I am hearing that things are moving out west to complete the process with groups, with core groups and so on. Even prosperity packages have still not gone out. I believe they are about to go out. II am still hearing its going to be a shotgun start. Everyone will go at once.

People who have already exchanged have received some liquidity, but they still have SKR's or account that say “hold or pending” .

Everyone is still waiting for their funds. They will get full liquidity of their funds about the time we get notified with the toll free number.

It's an orchestrated start for all to take part in this blessing together at the same time.