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Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments  3-26-18

Moderator:   Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Iraq's debt is $ 71 billion

Moderator   Iraq's debt is $ 71 billion 26/3/2018 The Iraqi central bank governor Ali Aliak said on Monday that the Iraqi debt reached 71 billion dollars, stressing that the subject of deleting zeros from the currency is ready but needs a suitable environment for its implementation.

Al-Aalak said in a meeting with the editors of a number of Iraqi media and attended by "Economy News" that "Iraq's external debt is still within reasonable rates did not reach the red zone," stressing that "the current Iraqi debt is $ 71 billion, divided into 42 billion An internal debt dollar and $ 29 billion in foreign debt. "

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night  3-26-18  

xyz: @Jo Parliament is ignorant of the fate of the budget after the rejection of infallible remarks With the end of the constitutional period for the ratification of the President of the Republic on the budget law of 2018, (extent) received unconfirmed reports of the arrival of the law to the Iraqi fact sheet.

Once the law is published in the "facts" is considered effective, which would end the debate between the House of Representatives and President Fuad Masum on the ratification of the law.

xyz: Deputies: The budget is effective with the expiry of its legal period


Boxman: All i can say is Dang....followed by WOOOOOOW..great find..

Walkingstick:  Governor of the Central Bank: Reserves are re-increasing

The Central Bank of Iraq has succeeded in strengthening the country's reserves of hard currency and precious metals to more than fifty billion dollars, expected to continue this process with the improvement in the performance of the bank and recovery from the difficult situation experienced by the country with the collapse of oil prices and the invasion of a terrorist organization calling for a third of the country. 

In an interview with a number of media officials at the headquarters of the General Administration yesterday, the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Mohsen Al-Alak said that the reserve managed by the bank has been achieving a greater return than before, which is due to the diversification in the operations associated with its management and to the program to develop cadres,

These operations by himself without intermediaries as it was in the past, and confirmed that the reserve amounted to 51 billion dollars today.

From Recaps Comment Section :  Link

Herewego: Okay Dr. Clarke,

We got the U.S. budget finalized on Friday, that we were looking for. √

And today, China did it's thing with the petrol/yuan.√

So, a penny for your thoughts?

No, that's not enough, a dinar for your thoughts today?