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Peggy68:  As we look through history and our governments dates and calendars there are patterns! IMO,they are telling US that they are ready to implement the Global Monetary Reform.

With Iraq having the most gorgeous girl at prom that every guy has his heart set on to dance with, the wait will definitely be worth it!!!

In my honest opinion I'm expecting to see the monetary reform implemented between tonight (Sunday) going into July 24th,2017  through August 10th,2017.

There are several dates in between we could focus on included in the analysis. Take a look at what is happening in different Federal Agencies and what is already in place, its clearly the time and Iraq is ready to ROCK & ROLL!!!

Faith & Prayers, be prepared Emotionally & Spiritually!!!   XOXO     PEGGY 68

5 Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Jun 30th, 2017   by sraskie.

If you’re contemplating hiring a financial planner or advisor or if you’re currently working with one, here are some fair and important questions you may consider asking him or her.
Are you a fiduciary? Being a fiduciary means that the adviser must legally act in your best interest. While not an absolute guarantee that the advisor will never act otherwise, most advisors who are fiduciaries embrace the responsibility – they want to be fiduciaries.

Any other answer then yes to this question means you need to keep searching for an advisor who is.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room  
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Sunday7-23-17 Part 2 of 2
noname: Hey peeps. A lot of negativeity today. But don't forget Iraq was going go RV in 12 and then again in 14 but because of Maliki things were postponed. No laws needed. Don't forget the artical last week from the IMF saying no more help unless. Remember all Alak has been saying lately. Things look great for us. My opinion.
Sparky: @noname no negative, Just realistic
Spectra: @noname i agree no one ever said it would be easy!
noname: All talk about Isis. No talk about the governor's comments or IMF.
RickeyT: @noname the suppliment was passed today, that is all they needed to do
Spectra: @noname This is for the tough people anyways no wimps!
noname: @Spectra that's riught

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room  
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Sunday7-23-17 Part 1 of 2
RickeyT: everyone hates the Kurds, and the US is for the Kurds, the govt of Itaqm Iran, Russia and Syria want the Kurds dead, not independant.
 Cree: @RickeyT A question, - if the Kurds declared independence and Iran attacked them, do you think the USA would just stnad by?
Sparky: @RickeyT Kurds know how to prosper, even in the worst of. Times, they see what is coming, imo
RickeyT: @Cree Yes, I do
Cree: @RickeyT I have no idea what would happen, but the Kurds have oil and a lot of it and Trump is a businessman. Hmmmm could we defend for oil? or keeping the Petro Dollar or both?

Reposted for our newest readers: 

6 costly estate-planning minefields, and how to avoid them

Over the years many celebrities have provided cautionary estate-planning lessons, and actor James Gandolfini, who died in June 2013 at age 51, is no exception. The actor, known for portraying mob boss Tony Soprano, left a portion of his estate, widely estimated at $70 million, to relatives and friends through his will, which became public and was criticized as being badly constructed.

For one thing, it exposed some of his wealth to probate, the time-consuming and potentially costly process a legal court takes to administer financial affairs. In addition, his estate could owe millions of dollars in federal estate tax alone.

At least Gandolfini had an estate plan; fewer and fewer Americans do. In 1998, 61 percent of Americans 55 and older had a will or trust. In 2012, only about 54 percent did, says a study by Texas Tech University.

Failing to take action or making the wrong moves can be costly for you and your heirs. Here are six blunders experts told us they see most often, and what to do instead: