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The RV does not need the USN to be announced nor the stock market to collapse.

RV exchanges/redemptions will be processed (under authorized permission) through the new financial system at banks and redemption centers. Your private appointment will be acquired via the 800 numbers.

According to sources, the RV began yesterday at levels Tier 1-2.

Tier 4 exchanges (via 800# appointments) is expected to begin Monday.

GESARA will be enacted globally once the dust has settled thus is why the Alliance implores all currency holders to have humanitarian projects.

Humanitarian projects will serve as an initial boost toward the destruction of poverty prior to the enactment of GESARA.

Full post here:  Operation Disclosure

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 4-12-18  

Zig: @Brip : I believe we are in a speculative investment with NO GUARANTEES....I believe there are bad people within the "Dinar Community" that take advantage of people....I like this investment as a low risk with a potential huge return....but think most of the so-called INTEL put out there is BULLSH**.....

Brip: I stand corrected. I do believe we will RV. I had typo error
Brip: R there any of the Intel providers that u do think knows anything

Zig: NO!!!
Doug_W: How can they know

Brip: I believe this RV thing will happen. But when after all these years.



TV: Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar confirms that the introduction of ATM depends on deleting zeros from currency.

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 

Ahmed Hassan: Said the director of the Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar Hussein Abbadi in a televised interview broadcast by the local Nasiriyah that the introduction of ATM in the markets and banks are subject to the implementation of the decision to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency, pointing out that the Iraqi currency suffers from large inflation at the present time.


Note: When KTFA uses bright red in its posts- IT IS IMPORTANT!!!!

The Importance of Letting Go – First Step to Freedom
By Anna Merkaba

A young man was very angry at a group of people who had wronged him. He was carrying a grudge and his attitude began to change towards even those that he loved. His father felt that it was important to talk to him before things got out of hand. One day he came to his son and set a sack of potatoes, an empty burlap bag, and a marker at his feet.

“What is this for?” his son asked.

“Just trust me on this son,” the father said. “ I want you to write the name of each person who has ever wronged you on a potato and put it into this empty burlap bag.”

“O.K.’” the son said, “this is kind of weird Dad, but whatever floats your boat.” The son was relieved because he was expecting his father to lecture him or dispense fatherly advice. 

13 personal finance experts share how they save money every day — and what they're always willing to spend on

Business Insider• April 11, 2018

Financial success can be achieved by balancing considered spending with careful saving.

By integrating money-conscious habits into your day-to-day — like planning meals in advance — it is possible to accumulate savings.


Contributed from a member....

A friend of mine that retired from the State Department came to visit me yesterday. He is a currency holder and was contacted by a private banker from BBVA in __________. The private banker let him know that the currency revaluation would happen within the next ten days.

Contributed from a member.....

I have had correspondence with you in the past however I think you will find this most interesting. I will do my best in keeping this short & to the point. Today I needed to get some things at my local grocery store in Scottsdale AZ that happened to have a Wells Fargo branch inside. While I enjoy reading bank stories from those in the TNT family it just does not have the same bang for the buck unless you have one yourself then for some strange reason it becomes "real".