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Note from Dinar Recaps:

Many of our readers have been emailing us and still seem to think that we have “banned” Mnt Goat posts from our blog.

That is not true.

We realize that many are missing Mountain Goat’s updates, intel and opinions. If/when they send them to us, we would gladly post them again, and hope they start sending them to us again.

All we ask is to please do not speak badly of others…..and we ask the same of everyone.

Surely it is more important to share news and opinions then to bash or speak negatively of others you may not agree with?

We sincerely hope that Mnt Goat will resume sharing her insights. She has an open invitation here at Dinar Recaps to do so. We miss her information too.

Thanks to all our readers for your concerns, and if Mnt Goat still reads this blog – she will see that she has been missed by many of our readers.
Thank you ~~ The Dinar Recaps Team

Money Basics: What is a hedge fund?
Yahoo Finance July 26, 2017
Welcome to Money Basics, Yahoo Finance’s new personal finance series offering quick explanations for some of the most important terms involving your money.
A hedge fund is a privately run investment organization that uses pooled assets from participating investors in the fund. Hedge fund managers use diversified methods to try and generate large returns.
The purpose of a hedge fund is to eliminate market risk from volatility and maximize investor returns. Hedge fund managers try to make money regardless of current market conditions and look at every upswing and downturn as an opportunity to generate profit.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Monday 8-28-17 
ElmerFudd: Hey all, any news today?

ElmerFudd: Hello all, any news today?
BREW: @ElmerFudd SAME-O
ElmerFudd: I hear that from other people as well, I wonder why it's gotten so quiet?
ElmerFudd: They were supposed to be doing the reconciliation stuff after Mosul and nothing happened.


Al: It has always been a process , and it is not about us EVER. We are close , stop speculating on non sense the RV will happen soon , just be ready.

Yada: Agreed Al,,,this process taking place now, just not seen at our level,,,,but,,,,,expecting it any moment,,,,, (and this is not like last year or 5-10 years ago either)

Al: Iraq has always had to get out from under war conditions. They are almost there! Don't just wait patient ...... be expectant !!!

Robert001: Good evening. I have a question that I have not seen mentioned this evening... what is the world happened with the opening Day of the new glitzy Mall and what did people buy with a fraction of a penny in their pocket?????  Please explain to me the how,,, of the new cars,, big apartment buildings being sold, malls etc etc. with out the solid ole doe ray me to,purchase with.

Lena: Robert , doesn't make sense does it?