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11% Of Iraqis have bank accounts and 300 ATMs across the country


The Central Bank of Iraq began its first steps towards the transition to electronic financial transactions, as is happening in the countries of the world after the activation of the national exchange system and the exchange of credit information, while financial experts stressed that the loss of confidence in the banks deployed in the country will be an obstacle to the implementation of electronic financial transactions. 

It is reported that the Iraqi citizen loses confidence in the banking sector, where the proportion of Iraqis who have bank accounts 11%, while the number of funds accumulated in homes of 37 trillion dinars. 

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday 9-03-17 
Acerginnala: @Chattels, so, if I read that gobbledygook correctly, it sounds like they have come up with a compromise for the Kirkuk problem?
xyz: Real Fake Helicopter Money – CIA Counterfeiting Currencies to Destroy National Economies 

The countries have been excluded from the international financial markets, thus making loans impossible. Introducing fake money is an incredibly devastating measure in an economic war.
 A weak country gets targeted for counterfeiting with forgeries of superb quality, and the central bank is unable to effectuate proper countermeasures, in fear of creating a panic.

​Reader Comments On America’s Berlin Wall Moment 
Jcollins August 18, 2017 Cultural, Economics, FREEPOM
Predicting the Implosion of Western Culture
mattarama1;   Good work. This article is a gem of clarification of several mini theories I’ve been juggling.
Mazanda:   I have the exact perception of Mattarama1, thi article puts the whle transformation process in clear perspective. Thanks JC.
Rossa:    “Both political parties will fragment and eventually champion the emergence of a new form of politics which will represent the merging of all previous ideological platforms and socioeconomic ”
That description of the political process and merging of ideologies perfectly matches the theory of spiral dynamics and the current transition to the integrated stage of consciousness which will incorporate all the previous ‘nested’ (fragmented) hierarchies into an overall holoarchy and eventually lead into an holistic stage.


764764: wallstreetgirl is getting september 21 from her "intel contact"

WallStreetGirl: Right. Sept 21st is the day I was given by a contact I know in Arizona. they have a lot of dinar and were told that it was set to happen on Sept 21st. If this does not come to pass, I will go back to my Arizona contact and find out what happened to stop it or delay it…..I have never brought a date to this board in my 5+ years in the dinar, until now.

Skipper2: Wallstreet Girl - That daye would coincide with the September Equinox in Iraq - a national holiday --->

Wallstreetgirl: it has nothing to do with the lunar equinox or planet alignment or the numbers in the date. that is just the date they told me it was scheduled to happen and they could start exchanging their dinar for a much higher value than it is today…..I don't know all the behind the scenes details that these people do. I don't need to know, just asked them several years ago if they could let me know when it is supposed to happen and that is what they gave me. we will see if they are right like the rest of us.

Gold Reset To $10,000/oz Coming “By January 1, 2018” – Rickards

By janskoyles August 30, 2017

– Trump could be planning a radical “reboot” of the U.S. dollar

– Currency reboot will see leading nations devalue their currencies against gold

– New gold price would be nearly 8 times higher at $10,000/oz

– Price based on mass exit of foreign governments and investors from the US Dollar

– US total debt now over $80 Trillion – $20T national debt and $60T consumer debt

– Monetary reboot or currency devaluation seen frequently – even modern history

Editor: Mark O’Byrne