March 14th 6pm

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Bob Rall Cocoa, FL

Here's why you should review your insurance policies on a regular basis and why your loyalty may be costing you more.

Most people dedicate time at the beginning of the year to thinking about their personal finances and resolving to save more and spend less, create a new retirement account and budget for the children's college expenses, among other goals.


Dan: If I am understanding Walkingsticks post correctly,(see article below)  the budget will be law March 22,18 and in gazette on the 25th. Boom. RI, only you can make the budget work. 

Will the HCL Rider inside the budget be dated the same? 

Frank26: NOW YOU’R THINKING ................ C U TONIGHT ............... FOR THERE IS ........ MUCH MORE.

Hazen: I wonder if they plan on revaluing on March 24th??? The same day Kuwait revalued? 

Walkingstick: This 1 F....

The parliamentary economy of / Mawazin News /: the coming days the date of passing the law of oil and gas

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Harith al-Harithi, Wednesday, that the next few days will witness the vote on the laws of a very important, while noting that among these laws the law of oil and gas.

By Chad Rixse, CRPS® March 13, 2018

Understanding behavioral finance can help you make better investing decisions.

Behavioral finance is a relatively new field of study that is starting to gain popularity amongst both the mainstream and economists and finance experts. 

​Behavioral finance theories seek to provide explanations about ways that human behavior and psyche can influence financial decision making. Understanding behavioral finance can give you a leg up when it comes to managing your finances and investing.


Timth2lman: Is ya'll liking this slooooooooooooooow rollout?? Is it slow enough for

Ecubucs: So much Good News coming in from Iraq! I Pray that IS a Reflection on what is going on behind the scenes with the World Powers and the GCR!!! I try to see them as the "Hour Glass" for judging the timing of this...

PastorJohn: Something to think about. Credit Suisse's annual Global Wealth Report determined that 1.1 million Americans became new millionaires in 2017, bringing the total number of millionaires in the country to 15,356,000—roughly one out of every 20 Americans.

In this wealth exchange there will be a increasing number. If 7 million have currency to exchange and 10% become millionaires we would only add 700000 to the rolls.

There should not be a concern from any nation or banks to these numbers. Why?



FaithPrevails:  But Iraq isn’t International Yettttt?

DELTA: YETTTTT!!! (big grin)

Hazen: Great find Delta!! Another step towards internationalism!!! Closer, closer, closer and fireworks