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Lifetalker:  NEW - Wells Fargo Bank Story

Okay... It is my turn to share my bank story which took place today. We have all been following the story from FUZE which started Jan. 28 until now. He was not able to purchase currency until they had received their currency software update and as a result he has shared many things.

Today, I went in to make a deposit and just so happened ended up at the foreign currency window. I asked the young man, what's new in his world?

He told me that they had just received a software update that morning. I finished his sentence with" was software regarding foreign currency?" He answered with a "yes", I asked did you have to go to class for that and he answered, "yes" again.

He reached over and pulled out a three ring binder and strummed through it's pages to show me what he had leaned. We chatted a little more about how much faster the new software was, that in fact he transacted an exchange that morning (not sure what currency).

He liked that he no longer had to work off of two screens, now it was on one screen.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Night 2-21-18 Part 2 of 2

firefarmer: the yuan will be the next reserve  currency

Onepence: @firefarmer ... I think China has physical need more than spiritual needs

firefarmer: ok

Onepence: @firefarmer money is essential abstract thought

Onepence: @firefarmer ... China has to take taiwan ...And Use military script in her conquests

firefarmer: ok

Onepence: @firefarmer ... So unlikely China will be of any value to the average citizen

TWW: WS said an hour ago that the auctions r to halt...WATCH FOR THE ARTICLES VERY SOON

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Night 2-21-18  Part 1 of 2

Spectra: BGG POST-Article Credit: http://www.alliraqnews.com (Special Thanks to Tim Tarkington) BGG ~ Listen folks, this is good news. The Dinar is getting stronger. It is harder to get (over here), the price is going up and the exchange rate is better over there (for us). None of this is bad. It is all good.

dafish77: I have been in this for 12+ years its a long time coming but we shall overcome the evil !!!!!!!!!!!

firefarmer: @Spectra Sure hope you are correct

Onepence: Left the following comment for review on recap site.

Onepence: The point I wish to emphasize is the reality rate is 1,000,000 IQD = 843.8857US. Thus "plan a" must be the likely hood reinstatement is at current said rate. The choice is then do you allow the bank to win a profit from you or do you choose a more noble goal like donating the dinar to a charitable cause. Just something to consider as we move through this process together.


Fuze: Guy's we are way past "opened windows"! The "door" is open! The final stage of the RI/RV process started months ago! UN chaps 7 gone, Ex order 13303 gone, World Bank annc Iraq International and secure $30 billion, Dealers can't get Dinar, all in 60 days! Folks we are way past windows! Take care Tbl.

Timth2lman: Must be some powerful greedy humans just determined to not let this go. We've shattered every window so far.....sad

Appaloosa: Tim - why are you disappointed............with articles being publicly written entitled THE RECOVERY OF THE IRAQI DINAR.........how often have you seen that in the history of us waiting here. There is nothing for Tony and Ray to be disappointed about. If folks can't see that, you've not really be paying attention

Timth2lman: I know App......that's what so confusing and has me scratching my head.


WMB1979: So the big question is are they going to meet with the investors at the beginning of March and say we did the RI let's sign some investor contracts. or be the procrastination kings they are and say we really really promise with sugar on top that we are going to RI soon. Time will tell. -If I was the investor I would walk if the latter.

Hammy14: wmb....not to worry. As we have been taught, the USA is in control. IMO, we knew exactly what Abadi was going to do in Kuwait when he made the promises and assurances that he made. We approved the message! 

I highly doubt we would advise him to make such statements if there was no intent to follow through on those promises. The process has already started to lift the restrictions. 

Abadi said he would be inviting everyone in at the beginning of March. But the ONLY way they are coming in is with no restrictions on their currency. You can rest assured that Abadi knows this. IMO, he is putting the final touches on what is about to take place, and we have a front row seat. So, let's just sit back and watch it unfold.