June 8th 6pm

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday AM Chat   6-8-17   Part 2 of 2
forestnr4 says():says MP Ali al - Badri said he had information confirming the existence of preparations are under way on "leaps and bounds," to declare "victory in Mosul , " the anniversary of the fall of the city or close to that date.
Confirms MP Nineveh " the importance of transforming the anniversary of the fall of Mosul to the day of the victory."
But Saad al - Sabri, the government spokesman, says that " the celebration is linked to the establishment of full liberalization of Mosul."

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday AM Chat   6-8-17   Part 1 of 2
Kountryway says():Iraq does things backwards to how we do it. They convicted ex-finance minister on corruption charges & sentenced him to 7 years in prison THEN issued an arrest warrant for him.
Doug_W says():go figure
Doug_W says():,aybe they 4got to do that first
Kountryway says():It's like saying..run while you can...
Kountryway says():LOL..I caught that
Magnetlady says():So you guys have not found tbe illusive RV yet
Magnetlady says():Haha
Doug_W says():KW has it hiddeen UNDER his crooked picture


Frank26:  KTFA FAMILY ................ WEDNESDAY'S CC contained 3 Golden Nuggets. Hope You found them.

God Bless You all .............. Sweet Aloha \m/  

Ty1:  Frank you are far too modest to say only 3 Golden Nuggets...These were my notes:
CBI is submissive to the IMF at this stage and both are in agreement on path forward - Agreement =  Currency  for Partnership

Financial and Economic Reforms were agreed by both sides in December

Wednesday the CBI and IMF agreed on the path forward on the Foreign Exchange Policy - This was final leg of the 3 legged stool.

Foreign Exchange Policy is not only the rate but the process that the currency will be lifted


TpNoble:  Hmmm. Boeing 737 air planes have a price range of approximately 51-85 million USD. Have they partnered with a private company, are they just going to put it on their new Master Card, pay with gold, raise their exchange rate soon? Is their credit that good, now ? 10-15 jets would be equal to the amount the IMF is offering in August? Very curious Grasshopper very curious? Third world counties with no money can't buy 737's !  We'll just have to wait for more details?

Samson:  For the first time .. Transportation confirms: Iraqi pilots will drive new aircraft from the factory to Baghdad

13:43 - 08/06/2017

The Ministry of Transport, on Thursday that the Iraqi pilots will drive the new aircraft contracted by the ministry from its factories to Baghdad airport "for the first time in the history of Iraq," noting that the Ministry of Finance will pay for the new aircraft amounts without reference to the bank.



MAY 31 - WED
Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and the Christian endowment and other religions )
CBI -Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( tables of the Martyrs Foundation and the province of Muthanna , the General Authority for meteorological and seismic monitoring )
Meeting with IMF

CBI - Auctions for Thur and Sun