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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night 12-04-17  

tman23: If, for example, it is determined that the value of a single unit of local currency is equal to US$3, the central bank will have to ensure that it can supply the market with those dollars. In order to maintain the rate, the central bank must keep a high level of foreign reserves. They have 43 billion and just said 49 .....the additional 6 most likely from the IMF loan due to release OCT..... where as the loan was to the GOI but the GOI has been using CBI funds

blackgold: Their feelings shouldn't count they must follow the law, unless you are saying the Justice System is Unjust

blackgold: evn though we both know it is

chattels: @blackgold The jury decides the facts and then applies the law as instructed by the court.


Don961: Frank ... DELTA .... what is our girl saying here ?? ...
the Budget was delayed to Parliament .... because the IMF was making adjustments to it @ the Amman meetings ?? ... What you said in CC ... imo 

Al-Tamimi: Adopting the population standard in the budget of 2018 large governorates

Date of release: 2017/12/3 22:40 

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Finance Committee Magda Tamimi, the adoption of the population census in the budget of 2018 large pockets of the provinces.

"The size of the budget amounted to about 104 trillion 103, which is a large size, but when it is distributed to the Iraqi provinces will be the weight of the feather," Tamimi told the program {boldly} broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel. 

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 5 2017

Compiled 10:33 pm EDT 4 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 4 2017 8:13 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "We're Almost there" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.4.17

1. The 800# is once again out. Somewhere we're hearing that someone has it and it will be released shortly. No one I know has it.

2. Tomorrow Dec. 5 President Trump is supposed to announce the end of Admiralty Law and the Transition over to Martial Law. He actually signed the executive order for said action a month ago.

3. We don't have to wait for any announcement, it's all happening NOW.

By Simone Milasas

Christmas, The Season of Gifting! If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, rest assured you are not alone. Australians are notoriously laid back when it comes to being organised for the festive season.

​Over in America, a recent study by found that 14 percent had started shopping before October while two percent had finished it all!

Today the shopping space is more likely to be online than the hurly burly of arcades and malls.


A few highlights from Monday Night CC 12-04-17: 

Frank : IMO The US going asset backed will be the lynch pin for the process.

Frank: This is Abadi's timing. In the first quarter of next year oil prices will climb after the RI..$70 to $80. (see article below)

Frank: We are hearing the USD will be asset backed around Dec 20th

Frank: Remember that speech from the University on Nov. 25th?

Frank: Remember Walking Stick called me on the 26th and he gave me a report.. We told you about that speech that is going to be called the National Wedding at Rasheed Hotel..

Frank: It will be a five day event. There will be a military parade.. and IOO ( in our opinion) we will see the second part of the speech on Dec 9th