May 3rd 6pm

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Dinar Updates Wednesday Early AM Chat   5-3-17   Part 2 of 2
Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Wednesday Early AM Chat   5-3-17   Part 2 of 2

Elilali says():I can already picture it now. Like any ordinary day, I wake up, and go about my routine. I check DinarUpdates and then........... BAM. My heart will stop for just a moment. Then, I'll probably let out a scream that will most definitely get the police called.
subgirl says to clay):yes! lol
clay says to subgirl():tell them where to go
subgirl says to Elilali():lol
clay says to subgirl():I've taken a permanent vacation s39
subgirl says to clay():oh wow!
Elilali says():it's coming.... I can feel it in my bones
subgirl says to clay():I like you thots on that permanent vacation lol
clay says to subgirl():me too :)
Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Wednesday Early AM Chat   5-3-17   Part 1 of 2
ol lar says():When is this ride going to end?
Doug_W says():Dinar Updates – “News Time” w/MadDScout & The Facebook Crew!
May 4th – 7:30 pm CST – In the DU Chat Room!!
Doug_W says():I wish I knew
ol lar says():I'm feeling it Buddy
DIGIman1 says():i was on my last nerve 120 nerves ago
ol lar says():Hopefully this Friday, it would be an awesome Birthday present
Doug_W says():here is hoping 4 U!


Frank26:  Consider this .............. As You received confirmation on MONDAY's CC and easel board drawing .................. Tonight's WEDNESDAY CC will give You even DEEPER understanding.
Why?  Because what we SHARED on M CC is but a fraction of why Mosul is a KEY to the MR.
Because to take a big bite of something can be too choking at once.
Because it seems that EVERY day that passes brings us much to ponder and consider.
Because as i opinionated on a CC last week .............." The MR Is Over" .............. As NOW soon enough Mosul will finally be Over too.
Dear KTFA FAMILY ............. Dear Internet .............. We are not deers staring at head lights ................ We are Scholars to graduate in 2017.
C U all on Your WEDNESDAY CC tonight at 7 pm est ................ To See as a ............ Pupil.
Aloha \m/
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Hootowl:  jmo ,,,but I can,t see the investors and the IMF, WB, Kuwait being all that happy with Iraq using all the billions Iraq just got in currencies to handle the economic side....when they could have used their own money ,,,all they had to do was revalue

Jay: Hi HOOT. They need to use these loans to gain credit worthiness. These loans are to raise their global credit score. Its not about affording it on their own.

Stephenmac63:  In addition, you can have all the money in the world but in order to build a credit rating you need debt. A person with a million dollars....has a million dollars but hasnt proved that they are willing to be responsible to pay a debt in the future.

So they go out and take on debt such as a loan. You and I know they can pay cash for it on a moments notice to satisfy the debt but that doesnt help them in a credit rating situation.