June 15th 10pm

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Peggy69:  Spreadsheets,Dates,Rates, 30 & 90 Days,& 000’S  
After I listened to Franks Amazing CC last night and after listening very carefully I went back to my research, until 4 am this morning. Those 000’s kept knocking inside my brain saying, “Let Me Out”!  

Just sometimes when you have extra information you didn’t have before, I thought just maybe there is something I didn’t see before?? So, I went back reviewed all of those things listed below and thought maybe CBI left something here I can find to help me see where they are at or what I might find has been done like those 000’s screaming at me! Anything to support the dates I chose because my Spirt was on Fire when I chose them.

I’m Not Changing those dates, something, just something, major is occurring or possibly starting on those dates. Only time can tell.

He conquers who endures --  Persius

Most of you reading this not only know the  meaning of endurance and perseverance but know it first hand by being tested through the investment --

Moses did not  give up - Columbus did not give up -  Lewis & Clarke did not give up - The Wright  brothers did not give up -- Thomas  Edison  did not give up -

​It was Napoleon who said -  "Victory belongs  to the most persevering" --

Great strides are made by Pressing Down - Pressing Through - and  Pressing On !!

The Central Bank Prepares Banks And Transfer 25 Million Per Month

Meets the central bank is currently traveling shares of foreign currency by banks and financial transfer of 25 million dollars a month, but this process is still surrounded by a lot of impurities, it may be the most important do some more than the quota received ($ 3,000) at a time when others get can not it never even though bringing them all the documents required to complete the process of buying the currency.
Enorrste:   Here is my take on this important development.

It occured to me that what we are seeing here is a plan to use some of the reserves to reduce the money supply in Iraq. The article makes clear that there is not a corruption problem.  However, they are still putting some limits on the exchange (dinars for foreign currency). 
Furthermore, as Punisher pointed out just above in the second paragraph quote, the CBI is making it clear up front that the banks will not be allowed to take advantage of the public who wish to purchase foreign currency.  This means that they will be forced to give the foreign currency at the official rate rather than the market rate. 

( Thank you George for sending this to Recaps earlier today. )

June 15, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
So Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will visit Iran after ending his visit to Saudi Arabia. Does this sound strange to you? Why is Abadi going to Iran? When you read the last article in today’s news letter about the upcoming threat from Iranian influence in Iraq and its dangers, you will know why. Can Abadi do something about this influence? Can he convince Iran’s government officials and their spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to live in peace and it is more beneficial to be friends and trading partners? Remember Iran now wants desperately to get back into the global financial arena. This is simply not going to happen unless these militias are disbanded and their leaders taken down.
We can see a major conflict (war) developing very possibly between Saudis, Israel, Iraq, Turkey, USA vs Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, or any other country where there are terrorists. I do not this is going to be a WWIII but it is not going to be so nice either. So we are at a crossroad now.