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StephenMac63: Having heard of the term "Speed of Lava Flow" (pertaining to the Monetary Reform) I asked, just how fast can lava flow? Ive seen videos on tv when various eruptions happened in Hawaii so after a brief search online, here are my findings,   LINK

Once the lava flows became established and good channels developed, the lava in the channels was going at more like 60 km/hour! On January 10,1977, a lava lake at  Nyiragongo drained in less than one hour. The lava erupted from fissures on the flank of the volcano and moved at speeds up to 40 miles per hour (60 km/hr).

I then clicked on "Can you outrun a Lava Flow" in the same link

The most destructive force of a Minoan-sized eruption, locally at least, is the pyroclastic flows. The first thing  you should know if  you want to escape from a pyroclastic flow is that  you can't  outrun them.

They  can reach speeds of up to 300 mile/hour; if  you are in their path there is no escape.Sep 23, 2010

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday PM 8-23-17 
Cree: @MichelleL someone posted a link to youtube early this AM
MichelleL: anything I need to know Cree? ;)
MichelleL: or are we talking storm coverage?
Cree: @MichelleL short video, I think it said that Abadi is fighting behind the scenes wit their clergy so he will not get re-elected.....
Cree: @Spectra hey, dod you post the early AM youtube video?
MichelleL: @Cree what does it mean? anything to us?

This Is the Most Expensive Mistake You Can Make at the Airport
Lauren Hamer 

One wrong move and you could be headed for serious financial turbulence at the airport if you commit any one of these airport faux pas.
When it comes to vacationing, most people don’t travel on a whim. They spend months stalking booking sites for the lowest airfare and bargain accommodations. But it’s more than just vacation expenses that can break your budget.

​Miscellaneous costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful. And unfortunately, fair pricing at the airport is about as rare as additional leg room on a plane.
Tack on a few common airport mistakes, and you could find your expenses climbing higher than an airplane at 30,000 feet. Here are 15 of the costliest airport mistakes, ranked from bad to worse to downright illegal.

Wealth Management vs. Financial Advice: They're Not the Same
David Kanani, Investment Adviser, President, Kanani Advisory Group
Kiplinger August 23, 2017
These days, there are so many terms used to describe what financial professionals do - advising, coaching, consulting, planning, guiding, managing, etc. - none of them seems to hold much meaning, for investors or those in the industry.
And that's a shame. Because there is a difference.