September 8th 6pm

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Notes From The Field By Simon Black
September 8, 2017  Santiago, Chile 

File This One Away Under ‘Utterly Repulsive.’ 

As you probably heard, yesterday the US-based credit reporting agency Equifax announced a massive cyberattack that affects as many as 143 million consumers. 

Names. Birth dates. Addresses. Social Security Numbers. Even some credit card numbers were stolen. 

Literally over one third of the entire US population is at risk of identity theft now thanks to Equifax’s bungling. 

Bear in mind this is the THIRD TIME in 16 months that Equifax has been hacked-- there was another breach earlier this year, and another in May 2016. 


Don961:  Urging his supporters to poison food in America

By Rudao 2 hours ago

Request for the organization of the "Islamic State", urging his supporters poisoning food in shops in the United States of America with the substance "cyanide." 

According to the agency "Ansa" Italian, "the group (Intel Set) transmitted a message urging," noting that "this is the latest criminal schemas that he loves very carefully." 

Cyanide is one of the fastest and most deadly poisons and is best known for its espionage and intelligence films, as it is used as a means to eliminate enemies or commit suicide in the case of captivity. 

Prior to Eid al-Adha, he renewed calls for attacks on Europe, Russia and the United States.


Samson: Parliamentary Finance: Iraq's financial opportunities will not be repeated again
 8th September, 2017

A member of the parliamentary finance committee Jabbar al-Abadi said on Friday that Iraq will witness a significant economic improvement in the coming years.

"The economic situation in Iraq will not witness a major improvement or a qualitative leap due to the global economic data and the oil market on which Iraq depends mainly," Abadi said in an interview with the news agency "Economic News" that "the volume of Iraqi debt exceeded 112 billion "This is a disaster by economic standards."

He added that "Iraq earned huge fortunes in previous years when the oil barrel exceeded the barrier of $ 100, but wasted in the projects of fictitious and acquired by the corrupt party of politicians and users," noting that "this opportunity will not be repeated to Iraq in the coming years to continue indicators of low oil prices and will not be able Raising production of more than five million barrels per day during the next two decades. "

He said that "oil licensing rounds have harmed the Iraqi economy a lot despite the raising of the level of production, but doubled the cost, especially the fourth round of these licenses.

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 8 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note:  The intel for Sept. 7 was conflicting so please use your own discernment:

1. Bruce maintained that we have had a gold-backed US dollar for two weeks, while Yosef claimed Congress had yet to vote on it and wouldn't do so until around  Sept. 30.

2. Both Bruce and Yosef claim that the rest of the world has already RV'd and have liquidity in their accounts.

3. Bruce said exchanges in the US have started and the Internet group could begin at any time, although they may wait until next week because of the hurricane situation. Yosef claims the RV is not imminent and won't happen until at least  Sept. 29.

4. Both Bruce and Yosef say the currency screen rates are very high and even have gone up in value in the last few days. Yosef claims the Zim is now $3.00+.