August 30th 10am

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IQDCalls Chat Early Wednesday AM 8-30-17 
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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday AM 8-30-17 
chattels: US defense secretary did not oppose Kurdistan referendum, explains President Barzani By Rudaw
chattels: In an interview with the Arabic newspaper Sharq al-Awsat, Barzani revealed that during Mattis’ visit to Erbil on August 22, the defense secretary re-iterated that the United States is against the timing of the referendum, and not necessarily against the vote.
chattels: Barzani also stressed that they should reach an outcome with Baghdad on this question peacefully.

American Contractor Newsletter (Opinion)

Sent In By Joseph 

All is looking great just like it ways has after a clean up but still have quit a wait ahead of us. Taking a very long break from this could actually help us live better lives. God bless!
The Iraqi government continues to battle the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in northern Iraq near the town of Tal Afar. 
The Iraqi Army Special Operations Counter-Terrorism unit (Golden Division) have initiated their combat operations and have captured eight villages near Tal Afar.
The combat operation in Tal Afar is slow moving and methodical. It is my opinion that the Golden Division, along with the units of the Iraqi Army will defeat the terrorists and therefore drive them out of Iraq.

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you all for coming in tonight. We are here and making the best of it.  I didn’t expect to be here tonight.  We might be here Thursday. We are still here and giving the best information we can. What we are hearing now in Iraq is what they did yesterday last night Iraq time. They were celebrating throughout Baghdad with major fireworks, singers, etc.  their new rates, lower denoms, etc, things that are really good.

​They might print their new rate in the Gazette tomorrow. They print their Gazette on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Maybe that is when it will come out. I don’t know. This internationally known rate for Iraq does not need to be put in the Gazette first for it to come out. That is exciting.

Bruce:  What is happening now is the borders with the bordering countries of Iraq are now open to where people can come into Iraq. That is what has been happening that people came into Iraq and enjoyed the celebrations that they had going on last night. Is everything perfect? I am not saying everything is perfect, but things are moving on.