July 18th 6pm

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"RV in the Chaos?" by One In The Media - 7.18.17

There seems to be a lot of chaos around lately! Not only have the Intel providers gone away or changed here on DC, but chaos seems to be the rule in the mainstream media today as well. Washington DC is in disarray with the Trump stuff and healthcare.

It’s out of this rubble, that we might actually see the RV finally emerge.

My source indicated that the private RV will go first, then the general NESARA announcements will follow. Who knows the exact moment...but this chaos seems like the perfect cover. May it be so...

All the Best

One In The Media
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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday 7-18-17 
Whitelions: Ports: intends to establish a unified electronic management in coordination with the joint operators http://www.motrans.gov.iq/upload/imagenews/ar/3959.jpg
The General Company for Iraqi Ports announced on Monday its intention to establish a unified electronic administration in coordination and cooperation with private sector companies to consolidate work and information and organize an integrated database at the company headquarters.
The Deputy Director General of Ports, Captain Adnan Mohsen Badr said: "In implementation of the directives of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Kazem Vnjan Alamami, we are setting up an electronic department at the company's headquarters will be under the supervision of the computer department in the Ministry of Transport and in coordination with private sector companies.


Itsmedt:  If Iraqi employees are being paid on the July 28th at 1-1, but without parity to an international rate, the only real purchasing power is with locally produced items and services. Iraq is an import country. Anything imported is still being bought at the program rate of 1184. Therefore, with fewer dinars in their pockets, wouldn't this place extraordinary hardship on both the Iraqi population and their economy?  

Frank26:  Friend ............... You have it backwards .............. They now get paid at 100% dinars ..... 95% of it E-D ......  5% of it in cash............. Hope this helps You.
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DELTA: OK....... HOW ABOUT THIS.... !!!

The General Manager of Ur Company in the province of Dhi Qar Haydar Sahar on Monday announced the conclusion of a contract worth 607 million Iraqi dinars with the oil projects company affiliated to the Ministry of Oil to provide them with the company’s products of cable and wires suspended various aerial.

He said in a statement that the company’s management is seeking to expand the circle of promotion and processing of its products with the Iraqi Ministry of other after the decline in the level of cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity.

He added that “the new contract is a new achievement for the company in opening the prospect of cooperation with those wishing to deal with the company’s products, pointing out that the Department will be equipped immediately under the new contract with the company projects oil.”