June 8th 10pm

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Tidbits From TNT Members Thursday Evening 6-8-17


Dallred123:     I see we are still waiting

Yada:  The wait is over, we just dont know it yet dallred

OldCrow:  Well, Iraq, PUSH THE BUTTON and let's all get solvent….If it comes out as 86 cents (Wang Dang followers) I have a plan for that. If it is $1.20 I have a plan for that. If it becomes worth $3 or more, we have a plan for that. So, LET IT ROLL

Yada: Well, Im the mind Old Crow that whether its 83¢ or $1.20, that is the value in Iraq but when those rates are converted to dollars, we have the values of $3.41 to $3.71. Their in country rate would not be our international rate

Gr8ful:  It would be such a relief if the upcoming celebrations are indeed significant to the release of what we are anticipating. Happy Iraq will be able to start rebuilding but the icing on the cake would be to have purchasing power unlike what they have had in the past. Let this NOW be their time...And ours

PD News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday   6-8-17

Post From Peoples Dinar
PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday    6-8-17
MrsClassy:    IMF grants Iraq $ 840 million in August next
According to a source of Mali early, Wednesday that Iraq will happen in the month of August next to the amount of 840 million dollars from the Fund Monetary International within the agreement to prepare the credit that was signed in the year 2015 .
Said the source , who preferred not to disclose for his name 's " economy News " , that " the negotiations that held by the delegation of Iraq with the Fund Monetary International in Jordan , which was launched in the day the last of the month last resulted from the agreement Ba divorce , the amount of 840 million dollars from the loan of $ 5 . 3 billion dollars in the month of August next . "

This Is How A "Bail-Out" Becomes A "Bail-In"

From The Field  By Simon Black

This Is How A "Bail-Out" Becomes A "Bail-In"

June 8, 2017 Rome, Italy 

Here’s the perfect example of how insane our financial system has become. 

It was announced yesterday that, after a 24-hour white-knuckled ride, Spanish banking giant Banco Popular had been sold to Banco Santander for the price of just 1 euro. 

Note- that’s 1 euro in TOTAL. Not 1 euro per share. 

Banco Popular had once been one of Spain’s largest banks. 

But just as certain banks tend to do from time to time, Popular sacrificed responsibility and good conduct for quick profits. 

They spent years gambling their depositors’ savings away on idiotic, dangerous, pitiful loans. And those bad loans eventually came back to bite them. 

Dinar Updates Thursday Early PM Chat   6-8-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday Early PM Chat   6-8-17   
Soonergirlie says():I loved the celebration article! nice s70
Okie Dinar says to Soonergirlie():Me too! It's a good one :)
Okie Dinar says():Baghdad prepares to celebrate Mosul full liberation
Preparations have been going on in Baghdad to celebrate the full liberation of Mosul city, the last ISIS major stronghold, well-informed sources told the Baghdad post on Thursday.
The Ministry of culture prepares to hold a major festival to celebrate the full liberation of the second largest Iraqi city, the sources said.