January 30th 6pm

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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 30, 2018

Multiple Cabal-MIC surveillance and weapon satellites in orbit were shot down this month by the Alliance.

Ghost Operatives successfully destroyed multiple undisclosed Cabal biological weapon laboratories hosting diseases and viruses such as the flu.

Trump will be giving his State of the Union address today which will be a pivot point for the transition process to proceed.

Private humanitarian were informed to prepare for the RV exchanges this week.

Current RV release window remains at 11:58 PM tonight to after midnight at 12:01 AM.

Operation Disclosure

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday 1-30-18  

Dullenih: Available for sale:Commodity: Iraqi Basra Light Crude Oil Origin: Iraq Quality: Specification of Product Basra Light Crude Oil Term contract : 12 months PRICE : 69,00$ per barrel Payment : LC at sight Delivery : FOB PORT OF BASRA/ SOUTH IRAQ

Clay: @Dullenih wow went way up

Dullenih: they start offering their products from east to west now

Clay: @Dullenih WTO soon I hope

Dullenih: yesterday we got bitumen for asphalt and now we got their oil
Dullenih: @Clay yes but if they had start offering means they are in wto condition now

Dullenih: @Clay lol

Clay: @Dullenih sure hope so


Manu68: Hi Frank, could Abadi wait until after the Kuwait conference mid Feb to get more interest from those attending before they pull the trigger. I ask this in light of the recent article Samson just put out on Abadi returning to Iraq disappointed by lack of interest from Davos in Iraq.  

Frank26:  THE POSSIBILITY IS LOGICAL .................... BUT I GIVE NO DATE .............. FOR I AM AN INCH WORM.




Turtle13: Little bit of a bank story. My friend was noticed in bank by a private client who overheard him talking about foreign currency. Well guy took his number and called him a week later. He told him that he put his name on a list he's been compiling and will call him when "they tell him he can call people", said it won't be long now just hold on. That's all I have... wish it could be more..

RockyMntLady: Little bank story! My hubby goes into WF every 2 weeks to cash checks from contractors does work for. Today, our little WF branch is now doing foreign currency exchanges and increased theit "open for business" hours. Hmmmmm…. Just thinking, Ray's been telling us for years that when the time comes bank locations that have never offered currency exchange services will suddenly do so!

Steadfast: any update on the paymasters and big groups, aren't they supposed to go first?

Yada: Steadfast I do not believe they are going first,,they are still part of the public, as we are, ,,they will just be faster at the tigger as we will than the general public,,,

KTFA: Iran

Samson:  Iran-China Chamber of Commerce: Our trade exchange touched 40 billion dollars

30th January, 2018

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce , the Chinese joint, on Tuesday, that the intraregional trade touched $ 40 billion in 2017, and targeted promotion of 50 billion dollars in 2018 , said President of the Chamber Assadullah Askar children , at the third session of the Forum on Opportunities "Iran has taken four measures in China and will receive a Chinese economic delegation every month," he said. "To stimulate and attract investment is not affected by political storms, as opposed to pure buying and selling," he said. 

The forum includes seminars and specialized workshops to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing Iran-China trade and banking relations, as well as discussing the rights issues of trade relations, setting up a finance workshop and issuing letters of guarantee from Chinese financial institutions and banks.    LINK