June 14th 6pm

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Clams, Cheese, & Bread: Why We Call Money What We Do

by Paul Michael 

Money. Sadly, it does make the world go around. There are around 180 different types of currency in the world, including the Albanian lek, the Haitian gourde, the Moroccan dirham, and the Zambian kwacha.

But you are more likely to know the slang terms for the US dollar and the British pound than any of those. Do you know where those terms actually came from? Let's take a look.

Team Chat #2:

AnimatedRock:  TC Q&A #2 - LAST NIGHT

Frank26: Aloha

Shellbell: Frank anything good you can share from your last team call.
Frank26: Yes

Frank26: What can i clarify
Militia_Man: Tell us about the timing and change of the weekly 2 and progressive 3,s.
Frank26: No MM ............ MAYBE 2morrow


Team Chat #1

Animated Rock:  TC (Team Chat) Q&A Number 1 - Edited by me to make sense of how the questions were answered and what they related to. Sorry. No color coding on this one, it already took me over an hour to get it this far.

For your enjoyment Family 

Frank26: No Drum Roll .............. My Stick broke
Peggy68: Are we making you proud or disappointing you? U know we love U
Frank26: VERY PROUD ........Indeed
Frank26: only 88 saw the call come in last night on CC
Frank26: IMO ............ it was a good thing that the LS (LiveStream) Link was broken by the storms

​What is the difference in school and life?   In school you are taught a lesson and then given a test.  In life you are given a test and taught a lesson --  Tom Bodett

WHAT IS DIFFICULTY?  Only a word indicating the degree of strength requisite for accomplishing particular objects; a mere notice of the necessity for exertion; a bugbear to children and fools; only a stimulus to men -- Samuel Warren

The  greatest difficulties lie where we are not looking for them -- Goethe

It has been the glory of the great masters in all arts to confront and to overcome; and when they had overcome the first difficulty, to turn it into an instrument for new conquests over new difficulties; thus to enable then to  extend the empire of science  - Burke

​It cannot be too often repeated that it is not helps, but obstacles, not facilities, but difficulties that make men -- W Matthews


Upstart:  Yet again, CBI auction today is an advance result for tomorrow (15th)

Announcement No. (3465)

The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 15/6/2017 that performed on 14/6/2017