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"A Little Free and Verified Intel" by One Who Thinks - 1.19.18

Hi, I am fortunate to have a few contacts of my own and today two of them came to me independently with mutually confirming information. I want to pass it on to intel people I respect enough to communicate with.

Without further ado, a bond client in Zurich received a confidential letter from the bank he is working with to say that the Redemption is started and several named banks in named countries were loosening funds to begin on Zim, exotic boxes and Dinar. (Others may have been implied, but not spoken)

Another friend whose friend heads up the G-20 redemption efforts and is signatory buyer told my friend that as things open up, the first 2,300 ZIM holders were being invited in to exchange first and in approximately three days, they would open to the rest of us Zim and currency people. They estimate about 11 million total participants world wide.

Main point, the RV HAS STARTED!!! (in a meaningful way, just hard for us to taste just yet...)

One who thinks

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Friday Night  1-19-18  

xyz: Hundreds protest against corruption in Baghdad


SULAIMANI – Hundreds of Iraqis staged a protest in Baghdad on Friday (January 19) demanding reform and measures to stem corruption by the government.

Despite bad weather, hundreds of people gathered in the Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on Friday morning calling for reform in the government’s institutions.

By Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S.

When anger is our dominant emotion, we become addicted to its’ adrenalin high. Anger and adrenalin temporarily hide feelings of inadequacy, emptiness and despair, which make this a popular addiction.

Rushing thoughts, intense feelings and constant stimulus overload gives the illusion that we and our lives are important. This is the pretense of life where lust replaces love, mania replaces joy, and passing out replaces peace. 
Yet hidden behind inadequacy is a yearning for present moment acceptance, open-mindedness and learning.

By Marsha Cook
Reflection: “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” ~ Abraham/Hicks

Woe now…

Are you what in an old cliché is called, ‘a worry wart.’ That is the title we bestowed upon kids in school way back in the 1950’s and 60’s who were anxious about every little thing. Those were the ones who never ran around and played at recess.

They stood off to the side, heads hung low, hands clasped together stressing over the quiz to take place after lunch; or the black mark on their new sneakers I on the other hand spent every moment of recess I could running, shouting, laughing, climbing, and having fun.


Fuze: Hello TNT...on Tuesday of last week, I called my local foreign currency branch, of the "lead bank", I'm in the southeast USA. I called to inquire about purchasing a little more vnd and rupiah.

The foreign currency teller who is very familiar with me as a customer of previous purchases; explained that she could see the current rates (same old rates, she's a foreign currency teller only), however, she said we can't transact any exchanges due to a "system change over".

She said we should be back up and running Friday the 19th, so call or come in and I'll place your order. Of course I asked is it just your branch? She said no, it's bank wide. She then volunteered, "but i don't think it's a rate change".

Well I called today, she was out on break so her manager took the call


Stand4Christ: Hey, family, please help me out, and refresh me on this one ..... when do people in Iraq get paid ??? I remember it's towards the end of a month, but "when" ?? Like, the final Thurs of a month? 2nd final Thurs of a month??? Please let me know, because I think I see some dots (will share that IMO after) that might point to approximately when UST will pull the trigger.

AnotherMailman: I think Frank said that it is the last friday of the month.

Stand4Christ: Thx, Another.mailman !!

Family, this is IMO; but I think it's worth pondering, and worth keep our eyes on this possibility :

About 1-2 weeks ago I shared about my thoughts that, if there might be some sort of a "30-day hold". And then, 1 person replied with a great insight that, he said the concept held water with western banking system, but then it might not hold water with Middle Eastern culture.