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Samson: Deals worth $258m inked at Vietnam-China trade fair
November, 16/2017 - 11:00

Delegates attend the 17th Việt Nam-China International Trade Fair

LÀO CAI — The 17th Việt Nam-China International Trade Fair has seen trade deals worth over US$258 million signed between enterprises from both sides in six days. 
The fair, held in the northern province of Lào Cai, has attracted more than 100,000 visitors, bringing in revenue of some VNĐ40 billion (US$1.76 million). 


The 4 critical questions we're all unconsciously asking each other near constantly
by Katherine Schafler, NYC-based psychotherapist, writer and speaker.
Christian Battaglia via
Maya Angelou suggests there are four questions that we’re all unconsciously asking each other all the time. 
We ask the people we love, we ask the people who matter to us professionally, and on a broader level, we ask the people we encounter as we go about our everyday lives: the cashier who takes your coffee order, the jogging neighbor you wave to from the car on the way to work, the elderly woman sitting across from you on the train.

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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 17 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 17 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Summary of GCR/GESARA Events From Early Sun Nov. 12 to Early Fri. Nov. 17:  Restored Republic via a GCR Summary Update as of Nov. 16, 2017

1. Yosef: The new Eastern Financial System was released in Dubai without restraint as of 2am EST Sun. Nov. 12. It was released in Hong Kong 8pm EST Sun. night Nov. 12.

2. Liz Crokin: Trump and Mueller Sting on Clinton:  How Trump and Mueller are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History

3. Operation Disclosure: The US Treasury, Chinese Treasury and US Pentagon confirmed that the RV funds were officially live as of 9:30 pm EST Nov. 14. Payout would begin on Nov. 15, though it might take a day or two to transfer funds.


Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. We are a week from Thanksgiving. Our intention is not to do a call next Thursday night. Our plan is not to do a call Thanksgiving night.

I do want to thank everyone for coming in and listening again to the call. We plan to continue doing this call until the blessing arrives and then plan to take some time off, a month or so off to get things ready to do more advance pod casts and do interviews, etc. that we will handle later. I do feel like you people who are listening, you need to realize most of the time I do not feel we are going to do another call because it feels we are right there. The same thing was true yesterday with all the information coming in I thought we are not going to have a call on Thursday probably, but here we are tonight. I do not expect to do a call the following Thursday on Thanksgiving. We are planning not to do a call next Thursday.