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Baseballfan:  I'm hoping this is not true, but I heard today from a fairly reliable source that there is a section in Obamacare that prohibits the american public from taking part in the GCR. This is partly why Trump wants OBcare gone. Has anyone else heard anything like this?????

Mauirt:  I heard the too Baseball…. come on Repeal!

Luvwulfs:  baseballfan It was a very high tax on the exchange, not that we couldn't participate.

RVAlready:  I don't think Obama could legislate us out of the GCR. This is a legal business transaction. And, as someone famous in these parts would say.........NOW WHO DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO?????

The IMF knows everything about Iraq. They know the RV can happen now. So they are going to force it to happen now. Iraq will not go on if the IMF shuts off the loans.

And I believe that Trump and Abadi both want this, and discussed it 2 month ago in DC.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room 
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday  7-30-17 Part 2 of 2
DinarResearcher: A city in the Kurdistan Region to set up a committee to monitor prices on the market and warn of the punishment of those who raise them
DinarResearcher: The mayor of Kallar district of Sulaymaniyah province on Saturday announced the formation of a committee to monitor prices in the local markets, while confirming that the goods and foodstuffs enter the Kurdistan Region smoothly from neighboring countries, warned of a deterrent punishment for those who raise prices
DinarResearcher: "The borders are open from Iran, Turkey, goods and foodstuffs to the markets in Kurdistan flowing smoothly," he said at a press conference held today. "There is no justification for raising prices.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room 
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday  7-30-17 Part 1 of 2
Sparky: @foxmulder elections what we need to watch
foxmulder: watched the previous ones !
Sparky: @foxmulder in Or out, Iran in, I'm out
foxmulder: @Sparky Iran will always be a factor no way around it they are neighbors !
Sparky: @foxmulder Mr too,yhen
foxmulder: @Sparky Im just amazed why Iraq bows to them it seems
Sparky: @foxmulder Isis
foxmulder: Maliki
Sparky: @foxmulder yes
foxmulder: or to those that love and adore him fred flinstone of the middle east
Sparky: @foxmulder Iranian influence
Sparky: @foxmulder peasants
foxmulder: SHIA majority after yrs of Saddam and sunni its payback time I guess


Dr.MJRandy:    Once again it is supposed to be our week. Going into year 15 for me. Whew. Are we having fun yet?

Spiritled77:  Ok people where oh where is our RV.... did we lose it????? Sometimes I believe that the higher ups you know the 1% "They" don't want us little people having this much money cause they are afraid of all the goodness that will come out of it!!! I really don't understand these greedy people at the top

PilotJim:  It's not greed .. it's power

LynnieQ:  One thing for sure. The excitement of a few weeks ago is gone!

Dinara:  I'm still excited until after August 1st…. I feel some are being misled intentionally and are just being used to spread rumors. It gets people excited and then they are let down. Stay focused on the facts of all that has happened. No one knows the exact minute or day but I am still excited that it is closer than ever