June 11th 6pm

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forestnr4 says():4. exchange rate stability requirements

Help the standards set in supporting the stability of the local currency exchange rate, which represents the main objectives of the monetary policy rate, since the development of buying and selling the dollar on the basis of sound and rules that would limit the phenomena of manipulation and speculation and the abolition of intermediaries (who divested the largest margin of the exchange rate difference), the the role of intermediaries declined significantly due to oblige banks to follow the rules and regulations that have become reflected on the degree of standards and then on the Bank’s share in the entry window.

In order to achieve the above objectives have been seven criteria for the classification of the adoption of entering banks to sell foreign currency window. What are these criteria and what are the identified mechanism?

Starting must be noted that this classification is not rated for the performance of banks in general (which is what we say in the daily sales prospectus), but it reflects the degree of compliance by the bank with the rules relating to the sale and purchase of foreign currency.

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat   6-11-17  Part 1 of 2

jeffusa810687044855765254724778 says):Iraqi Army Begins Major Offensive to Capture Main ISIL Stronghold West of Mosul

jeffusa810687044855765254724778 says():   TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Armed Forces started the long-awaited offensive to capture Tal Afar city West of Mosul from the ISIL militants, local reports said.

Iraqi Army’s 15th Division, in coordination with Popular Mobilization Forces and Kataeb Hezbollah battalions, launched a powerful assault on the Eastern flank of Tal Afar pocket, Al Masdar reported.

Having successfully broken through the first line of ISIL defense, government forces managed to liberate six villages, namely Tal Khima, Shiek Qura, Baligha, Zarnook, Mahafeef and Dam Sinjar.

( Thank you Dr. Clarke for sending this to Dinar Recaps today. )

DR. CLARKE: Are you PAST Ready? Here it is, June 11, 2017. Over these past Few Weeks: 

How are you enjoying all the FAKE NEWS?…..TV, Internet, Printed articles…..dates, rates, Pricing, inconsistencies, moves, strategies, agendas, deceptions, lies, statements, announcements, studies, Intel Reasonings, “say one thing and do another”……over & over. 
It just gets deeper, as the time gets “Nearer”. LOGIC? pffffffffffff. 

What’s Truth and what’s NOT?

Jester’s Place:
[Sandhaul] Jester could the infrastructure bank that President Trump is talking about be our last puzzle piece?
[Sandhaul] Jester TRUE would not like to think it is that far out..
[chuck60] JESTER You stated that you thought the last piece of the puzzle was the banks being compliant. Are you referring to being compliant to something specific to the world reset/adjustment, or does it have something to do about being compliant to Dodd-Frank or Basel III, or something else? Thank you and Redwolf for your research.