May 7th 6pm

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Tidbits From TNT Sunday Afternoon 5-7-17


Billnmas:  my banker told me last week zim was 10 cents

Yada:  billnmas,,,not sure if it was you who I heard it from but I heard that as well 10¢

Readtnow:  I'm planning on this taking place in the next couple of days.

Billnmas:  I am not hearing that from my banker about the next few days.....He doesn't know when.......he has told me anytime be ready.....but i don't think he knows when.....he is very excited… he literally had a scheduled time last Thursday for exchange and I was didn't I think he is really skeptical about specific days...he just said be ready

Freeway2:  billmas - I can understand that. Once burned.

Billnmas:  I don't look at is a being burned..........and he doesn't either......we just need to be ready to go!!!!!

Dinar Updates Sunday Early Chat   5-7-17

​Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Sunday Early Chat   5-7-17  
larrykn says():gm Everyone :)
larrykn says():Governor of the Central Bank: To cancel the dollar sale window, if canceled to become exchange rate 3 or 4 thousand and perhaps more
The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the right to stop selling the dollar through the window selling currencies in the bank will lead to the collapse of the Iraqi dinar financial situation in Iraq in general, stressing that the central bank is obliged to carry out this task, even if reluctant to perform this role to collapse the financial situation in Iraq.
Al-Alak said in an interview with the envoy of the agency "Economy News" on the sidelines of the annual conference of the Union of Arab Banks, which was held in Beirut recently to close the dollar sale window to become dollar exchange rate between 3 and 4 thousand dinars, and perhaps more.

News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday 5-7-17

"Feast" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - May 7, 2017

The RV feast has been fully prepared.
The new accounts table set. The cash laid out. The redemption staff waiting. The military escorts all in position.
As of midnight Saturday, everything has been elevated to "performance status" we are told.
Last and final checks all reported back "ready, set, go."
What the world needs now is just a simple "silent moment of release."
Nothing complicated or dramatic.

The RV not here one second, then perpetually here the next--all in less than the blink of an eye.

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