September 11th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 9-11-17 

​BobS: September 11 2017 15:09 Direct: China plans to ban cars powered by fossil fuel to calculate the production of electric vehicles, to reduce environmental pollution.
 "The Shin Jobin" Chinese Vice Minister of Industry and Technology, at the weekend, said that the research began with MINISTRY related to that plan, and working to set a timetable implemented by China in order to achieve this, citing the newspaper "The Guardian".
He added that the plan will be implemented "as soon as possible," adding that the plan will bring profound changes in the environment, "will be given as an incentive in the development of China's auto industry."
 He added that the companies must fight for the development of energy-saving conventional cars, and the development of the upcoming energy vehicles, "according to the requirements of the evaluation."


Frank26: We will have FUN studying together tonight. In fact ............ This is the first time we are removing MONDAY CC SPONSORS ................ We need time to talk tonight. In fact .............. As a rarity .......... DELTA WILL ALSO JOIN ME LIVE TONIGHT.


MASON  MY......OUR …. LIONS WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Blinkster:  Isn't that sorta like a “when hell frees over" type of thing?  If so, what else can happen?

Frank26: IMO ............ lol............. An RI......... C U 2nite.


Rich4hyip: glad to see you returned safe frank and tink, must had a nice time. is it scary swimming with the sharks?lol.what a adventure,sounds really interesting.   A lot of things happened lately i can barely catch up, while you away,walkingstick sir guided us very well, those articles leading to a very good direction especially when i saw the 2000 people up to training one and the payment of salary electronic, which means we are at the finish line right? of course that is imo. thank you for the videos, even you away, you still think about us, now i m really looking forward to hear you again on the expected cc, before that, hope you have a good sleep first, reenergise, we are ready.  

Frank26: I too am .............. READY ! ............. SET !! ............. GONE !!! 

For IMO it is not in progress ............. IT IS PROCESSING !!!

Come to YOUR MONDAY CC tonight (7 pm est) .............. As we once again ........ SHARE (wink)


Walkingstick   The Central Bank is announcing plans to attract the money raised and blown up by the banking system

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Monday plans to attract citizens' money and pump it into the banking system.

"Stagnation is a problem and a source of concern for many countries, especially after the latest technological developments and the subsequent achievements and huge savings in the incomes of the elements of production," the bank's governor Ali Alaq said in a press statement.

Al-Alak added that "the Central Bank observes this phenomenon directly and that the available cash is not available and as planned," noting that "the Central Bank has a scheme to resolve this issue through the development of plans and studies to attract funds and their attractions within the banking system