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VSDK:  Livestream is tricked me! Only the last 30 mins of the call  ( wed. night CC) got saved on livestream. I got late to the call & the 1st part which I missed is missing, given that there are no notes, would anybody be kind to share what was said on that 3/4ths of the call?  

Abundantlyblessed:  Draw a wheel.  Now imagine each bike spoke represents a HUGE event taking place from the 25th to the 30th. 

Things like: EID, announcement of Mosul, UN escrow funds, Iraq stock market closed, double auctions etc. 

Now imagine all the spokes colliding in the center causing ONE BIG FIREWORK display. 

THE END.  Lol    (Did I do good Frank?)

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room Highlights Wed Late PM 6-21-17  Part  2 of 2
The Crisco Kid: @subby You New Here ???
subby: @The Crisco Kid just a couple of times thats all
subby: @The Crisco Kid so you can talk about anything in here right?
Babycakes: @ subby you should come in more
subby: @Babycakes awwee thanks!!! :)
The Crisco Kid: Just About Anything I Guess ..
subby: @Babycakes I like to talk a bit about dinar
Babycakes: @ subby :)
The Crisco Kid: Bring It On
subby: @Babycakes Lots of news about it...
Babycakes: Go for it
The Crisco Kid: Tells Us
subby: @The Crisco Kid ok hold on just a sec ok?
The Crisco Kid: Sure

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room Highlights Wed Late PM 6-21-17  Part  1 of 2
The Crisco Kid: You Know When I Was A Kid About 12 I Thought My Dad Was The Biggest Fool On Earth.. Then One Day About 20 Years Later I Found He Was A Genius And I Was The Fool .....
Meatball: funny how it all comes full circle
The Crisco Kid: Yuppers
Meatball: I catch that all the time
Meatball: i had all the answers.... most of them the wrong ones lol
The Crisco Kid: I Hear Yea ...
oufan33: new to the room, where is everyone
Meatball: right here
The Crisco Kid: Just Howdy Hows That ....
oufan33: thought maybe everyone was at the bank

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Complete the required steps as quickly as possible, and as soon as you know that you will be traveling. Before traveling, check to see what the document requirements are for the specific country you are visiting.
 Apply in Person

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