September 22nd 10am

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Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments 9-22-17

Enorrste:    I would not be surprised to see Iraq move into Article 8 late this year and start the float either at that time or at the beginning of next year. 
Kaperoni:  Private Banks Association organizes a workshop on safety requirements for financial systems conversion
20/9/2017 Economy News Baghdad:
Organized by the Iraqi Association of private banks, on Wednesday, a workshop in collaboration with kpmg International Company on safety requirements for financial systems conversion and was attended by 100 employees from the Iraqi and foreign banks operating in Baghdad.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Thursday Night  9-21-17
DinarResearcher: Don't want to rain on anyone's parade or throw any shoes at anyone but let's see how this meeting goes Sunday with the Kurds coming to Baghdad?
DinarResearcher: Barzani adviser confirms the possibility of postponing the referendum
DinarResearcher: 21/09/2017
DinarResearcher: The media advisor to the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Kivah Sinjari, announced that the referendum scheduled for September 25 may be postponed in the event of international guarantees, especially from the United States and the United Nations, to be carried out at a later date,
DinarResearcher: In the meantime, sources close to Arbil said that the guarantees demanded by Kurdistan is that setting another date means that there is no long and distant date, and that the results of this referendum will be respected and certainly during this period there will be discussions with the Iraqi side in many matters.

Thanks PinkRoses for transcribing tonight:

Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. Many of us were looking for a speech by Abadi tonight. He did make a speech that was aired at 2:15 EST today that did get aired and it was seen in Iraq on these Jumbotron TV screens. That occurred over 9 different Jumbotrons and in 9 providences.

They did add two more huge screens from what we said on Tuesday, from 7 of them to 9 screens. That was for the Iraqi people. That was a message that I do not have the content on it, but my understanding is it was a message for the Iraqi people about the RV of the Dinar. 

I can’t tell you what was in it. I did not see it. It wasn’t broadcasted so we could see it.


StephenMac63: Hehehe, Makes sense, Iraq being skipped at the scheduled time. (at the UN) And now not on the schedule.

We know that Abadi himself didnt "have" to be there, besides, hes giving the illusion he is busy with the liberations and all. But we "wanted" his message to be there. And it would have been awesome if it was.

Its not over yet....we know from previous experience that speakers sometimes tend to overstay the time at the mic when giving a speech. Abadi has a lot to say, its his moment to shine right along with his country.

No more Kurd gassing, no more death squads, all parties represented in parliament, people returning to whats left of their homes with government assistance to rebuild, economic structure rebuilding with jobs starting with bulldozer cleanup of the shops so they can rebuild.