September 19th 6pm

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DR. CLARKE (Tuesday 9-19-17): We’re going to make this quick today, as we’ve been outta pocket the past 2 weeks or so, buried in relief operations for Hurricane's Harvey & Irma. 

MASSIVE destruction, and some areas STILL underwater in S. Florida, without Power & Food for Weeks. Our Hearts & Hands go out to all the victims, and there are over 60,000 families in S. Texas that are homeless, many still in shelters, with nowhere to go, because of losing everything, as well as, having NO flood insurance, and no money to repair the damage…..not to mention the MASSIVE disaster in Florida. 

​The ramifications of what just happened the past 3 weeks, will linger for YEARS. 

SIDE POINT: The media is hiding the massive Economic Disaster this has been over the past 3 weeks, in the hundreds of Billions of dollars & rising. (As well as over 130 Major Wildfires burning simultaneously over 1 Million acres in 8 Western U.S. States). Don’t be Fooled!….even as the Stock Market continues to rise to record levels. 


Walkingstick:  Barzani: If there is an alternative to the referendum, we will hold celebrations on September 25

Will: LOL, this has an awesome ring to it doesn't it.

Greenclan: wow.  Its rather obvious to ME now that Barzani is using the vote to PUSH Abadi-CBI-USA-UK-Others to get a move on with the promised reforms (rv) and stop the delays.   All by the 25th ???? We shall see.....IMO.

GodsGirl: I recall Frank saying over a month ago to watch from 9/25 - 9/30 for our studies...hmmm. Great call Frank!!!! as usual


Frank26:   WHAT THE FRANK ??? !!! 

Compiled 12:50 pm EDT 19 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Sept. 18 2017 11:51 pm EDT Tilton, Tank: Philip Tilton's CC Intel Highlights from Tank 9-17-17

1. Tank: Any second for release.

2. Tilton: Release Sunday or Monday Sept. 24, 25.

3. The ACH went live Wed. Sept. 20 - had to have it to go for instant transfers. Same day ACH went live and at 2:00 in the morning, approval was given to Ginger.

4. Tank: Philippines have said their sovereign bank is open to exchange fiat money for gold back currency and that is the RV announcement.


Rich4hyip: wow, the recommendations of imf on the economic reform. so it means eliminate the restrictions of the exchange rate, and include a new international accepted rate in the new year budget. and the fiscal year starts from oct.first. its all so good .imo

Samson:  Parliamentary Economy: The 2018 budget will include the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund

19th September, 2017

The Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, the budget law next year will include the recommendations of the International Fund on economic reform in Iraq , noting that it is currently in preparation  .

"Iraq borrowed from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank amounts of up to 5 billion dollars and the Fund announced a project to reform the economic situation in Iraq by raising the size of the investment budget on the operation," said Najiba Najib, a member of the committee, , Indicating that "the recommendations made by the Fund will be included in the draft budget  . "

​Post From BondLadys Corner
BLC News Highlights & Comments 9-18-17
(Comments Also From Shredd)

Shredd: I also like the point that the existing system is incompatible with the stage they are CURRENTLY at! Not the stage they want to get to, the stage they are CURRENTLY at!

So, they are ready NOW to transition to a market economy.  Awesome article! 

Tlm724:  The central calls for new controls for the retail payment system

17/9/2017 12:00 am  Confirmed the possibility of expanding electronic payment activities
Baghdad / Mustafa Hashemi  

The Central Bank called on mobile phone companies to adopt the new regulations issued by them to work in accordance with the developments of the work of the retail payment system.

The Central Bank announced the modernization of the rules of participation in the infrastructure of the retail payment system, stressing the need to adopt and work under it, at a time when he stressed the possibility of expanding the work of banks and financial transfer companies and mobile phone companies and the practice of any electronic payment activities in the event they wish to operate electronic payment system of funds No. 2 For the year 2014.