November 27th 10pm

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Taking Responsibility Is Power To Change

We Create Our Present Experience by Taking Responsibility
Taking responsibility can be very empowering. The outer world materializes from within us. At break of day, before we rise from bed, we mentally consider the things we will be doing for the day, and sometimes ahead, to the next week or year, or even our lifetime. We consciously guide and steer our ideas.
Unknowing or knowingly, we connect with others, in this mental environment, planning our destinies within the framework of possibilities and limitations of a group mind. 


JesusLovesBaseball:  Abadi: The battle of corruption is more dangerous than the battle of terrorism


Revealed the orientation to provide employment opportunities for graduates through investment

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi described the battle against corruption as "more dangerous" than the battle against terrorism, declaring the government's approach to building and investing to provide job opportunities for graduates and unemployed.

The Prime Minister stressed that Iraq has won the challenge of a military advocate and the challenge of the corrupt doctrine and the corrupt approach to terrorism and the challenge of disease and the risk of corruption.

st From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments 11-27-17

Kaperoni Moderator  Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News Conscious / Nassif emphasizes the central bank to stop the auction sale of foreign currencies
Iraqi News Agency Information / INA
27/11/2017 15:50:00 PM | Conscious / Baghdad / h h.  MP for high Nassif stressed Monday the National Alliance, the need to stop the auction of foreign currency at the central bank and control of border crossings, as indicated, inter procedures and laws of legislation to eliminate the scourge of corruption and the success of the efforts Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.


Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 3:46 PM EST on November 27, 2017
A very high Intel provider has requested all of Dinarland worldwide to join him at 10;00pm Pacific Time each evening to help pray the RV/GCR in. Our blessing is expected in the next few days!
This is a worldwide event!
P.S. Oootah's information was 100% correct, all we waiting on is the 4,000+ sealed indictments to become unsealed!
Please understand this is a military operation

GO RV  Truthseeker
This message was requested and approved by Oootah!

Take Back Authority Over Your Own Life
By Guy Finley
Each day we hear a knock on our psychological door, and when we open it a pushy person enters and begins to bark out orders: “Worry about this.” “Remember and regret that.” “Work harder!”
Is it little wonder we experience only the most fleeting feelings of love, kindness or relaxation? Something that calls itself an authority pushes us along all the time. Without ever questioning, we accept it as one.