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Fuze: Great Morning TNT... Well the heat is on to get this wrapped up. I see in the forum the (intel) article I've been waiting on. The follow up Investors meeting for March! It was supposed to take place according to the article this Saturday? But anyway it's been delayed, because Iraq has not gotten done what they promised. We know a part of the promise is activation of the Supreme Investment Committee and what they can't say is, what we seek.. The heat is on to get this done...

RCH: I sure hope they can put this RV through be for the elections in April.

Fuze: RCH, I think the election is May 12th, but just the same, the closer they get to elections the more unstable the environment... They will loose any semblance of stability they've managed to "look" like they've achieved until late June. They got to go RV now!    
Let's look for it today through Thursday morning, hot and heavy..

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 3-10-18  

xyz: Abadi's office reveals the fact that the World Bank rejected the federal budget

blackgold: before we worry about corruption in Iraq we should first deal with all the corruption in our own government that started way before President Trump started to drain the swamp. He has a very difficult task ahead of him.

Is Your Tax Pro Worth the Money?
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Is Your Tax Pro Worth the Money?

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DR. CLARKE (3-10-18):


Can you “SEE” the Confusion Phase, as we described, this past 3 weeks?


Then NEXT, comes the “INSANITY” phase…… a Good Way.

According to what we just learned Late Last Evening - That “ONE major Funding issue” we talked about in our Last Post - Is still open. What is it?


As we’ve said so so many times - Until Iraq makes their Dinar Rate OFFICIALLY PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC…….NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS!