January 26th 10am

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Compiled 12:07 am EDT 26 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: This could very well be my last post if the 800#s come out Friday. I appreciate the honor to serve you these last few years. I thank Patrick for his unwavering dedication to "the cause."

In all your giving, please don't forget the children. Although they are finally catching some of the bad guys, there are still many innocents caught up in international human trafficking, child exploitation rings and local Satanic Covens. Please give freely to the unsung heros dedicating their lives and fortunes to Save the Children: Kevin Annett's ITCCS, Tim Ballard's The Underground Railroad and Veterans groups.

A. Jan. 25 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. We are in the moment right now from what Bruce heard just before the call tonight Jan. 25.


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s all be in an attitude of gratitude. What I received this afternoon should put us in the state of mind, heart, state of being to be in that state of gratitude for what we are about to receive because every indication that I have is very positive for us. The timing is good for us to go here before I am going to say we are in the moment. We are in that moment. We are so close from what I have heard especially tonight before the call.
Bruce: When it comes to Iraq, we usually start there because so many things key on Iraq. We know those bonds that were being offered Wednesday morning, yesterday morning, at 8:30am Baghdad time, those did not sell so well in Iraq because a lot of the people don’t trust the banks. They do not trust the CBI. They don’t trust that situation. They are sort of a cash society or have been with everything going on. They are not super trusting and so the bonds some, but the bonds sold more to Iraqi citizens that were living outside of Iraq. A lot of Iraqi citizens winded up moving to Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and of course Iraqi citizens that live in the United States of which of some we know.

​By James Altucher

HH)    Have lunch with your competitors. Listen and try not to talk. One competitor (Bill Markel from Interactive 8) once told me a story about how the CEO of Toys R Us returned his call. He was telling me this because I never returned Bill's calls. Ok, Bill, lesson noted.

II)       Ask advice a lot. Ask your customers advice on how you can be introduced into other parts of their company. Then they will help you. Because of the next rule...

JJ)       Hire your customers. Or not. But always leave open the possibility. Let it always dangle in the air between you and them. They can get rich with you. Maybe. Possibly. If they play along. So play.

KK)    On any demo or delivery, do one extra surprise thing that was not expected. Always add bells and whistles that the customer didn’t pay for.

This is such an easy way to over deliver I'm surprised people don't do it 100% of the time. They do it maybe 1% of the time. So this is an easy way to compete and surprise and delight.

By James Altucher

If you Google "entrepreneur" you get a lot of mindless cliches like "Think Big!"

For me, being an “entrepreneur” doesn’t mean starting the next “Facebook”. Or even starting any business at all.

It means finding the challenges you have in your life, and determining creative ways to overcome those challenges...

I believe that creating multiple income streams is important for everyone. However, in this post I focus mostly on the issues that come up when you first start an actual company.

These rules also apply if you are taking an entrepreneurial stance within a much larger company (which all employees should do).


Don961: Trump: The US dollar will become stronger

26 January 2018 12:31 AM

Directly: assured US President "Donald Trump" that the dollar will become stronger over time under his administration, which is inconsistent with the Treasury Secretary, who encouraged the weakness of the greenback's remarks.

Trump said in remarks to CNBC on the sidelines of the Davos Forum on Thursday that he wanted to see the dollar strong in the end, saying the currency would become stronger.
Last April, the US president expressed concern that the dollar was becoming stronger.