August 28th 6pm

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​DA Member News Highlights & Comments 8-28-17

Tgirl:   Iraq Government News > A deputy calls for the expulsion of Barzani supporters from parliament and the federal government and deprive them of 17% of the budget
27/08/2017  Direction Press / Special
MP on the coalition of state law Awatif blessing, on Sunday, to expel MPs in favor of secession from Parliament and deprive the Democratic Party of government ministries and the joints of the state and 17% of the federal budget .
"In spite of international and regional objections to the referendum, Massoud Barzani is willing to use it as a means of pressure on the federal government, " he said. 


Tishwash:  Today .. cutting off the roads surrounding Baghdad Mall after 3 pm

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

A spokesman for the General Traffic Directorate, Ammar Walid, said Monday that the roads surrounding Baghdad Mall in the Harthiya area will be cut after 3 pm on the occasion of the opening of the mall.

Waleed told Al-Ghad Press that "this day will witness the cutting off of the roads surrounding the capital of Baghdad after 3:00 pm, in the area between Al-Nisour Square, the Baghdad International Fair and the Arab Knight, on the occasion of the opening of the mall."
"It is expected to be a large audience, considering that it is the first day of the opening of the mall, and there will be great contention in the region."

It is noteworthy that, on Monday, will see the opening ceremony of the Baghdad Mall in the area of ​​Harthiya in the presence of singers and stars, and is likely to witness the concert a large audience. link


Don961:   CBI: Reaping the success of its monetary policies ..

August 28, 2017 

The Central Bank of Iraq operates in accordance with its strategy in monetary policy, which depends on two factors: First: to stimulate banks to move to the market and provide credit and bank financing, which requires the case of targeting the gross domestic product and address the aspects of unemployment and economic stagnation, which requires raising the financial depth of the country. 

And second: to continue to address inflation and targeting through the price signals adopted by the Central Bank to target inflation, and achieve a unified framework of stability and economic growth desired. 

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Ismail Alalak in his work, taking the steps of reform, administrative and executive, in a deliberate, systematic and scientific, which reflected positively on the management of the Bank and its work