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Bruce:  I want to welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are thrilled you are here. We have been doing this call for 6 years now. I am into my 13th year in some interest in currency that we are involved with now. I am excited to continue and to offer what we are going to. A shout out to all who listening to us in New York City, and any other cities as well. Thank you all who are tuned in throughout Big Call Country all over the world.

Bruce:  We are in a situation now we are so close to the blessing to fruition.  There is very little active Intel out there. There are a few things here and there and some things are too sensitive to go into. We have been asked not to do very much Intel at all. What I am thinking is to tell you we are at a position from what I have heard that we are so close that we don’t want to say anything to jeopardize our position in this. When we are asked not to say much then from our perspective many things are done.

"News and Views" Late Thursday Night 3-16-17


Sundancer:  Why this has to go down soon maybe this weekend!!!!!

So I read this article and it got me thinking:

So I went to the Treasury Dept website and researched it myself here:

So the articles premise is true for the last 4 months the Treasury has not been storing Cash reserves in it's normal manner but spending down Cash fast and it is accelerating. 

And todays report shows it in a nutshell:

It basically says that today’s Cash reserves 23 BILLION Yesterdays 76 Billion, This past months starting reserves 189 Billion and this Fiscal years (that starts in Oct) was 353 billion. You can go back to previous years and track this! it NEVER happens. This is SERIOUS!

​Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Elilali says():ay ay ay... Iraq.... like 2 weeks ago it was Mosul is within hours! Where's the urgency? Sigh
Josie says to Elilali():News reports today saying massive rains have suspended air support in Mosul campaign which has hindered ground assault.
jetset says():the news about Mosul continues to be positive... they are even giving exit dates now!
MrsBGG says to jetset():(y) yes lots of news!
jetset says():For those who just can't get enough of the good news....
Okie Dinar says():Iraq and China discuss possible cooperation in investment and promote industrial reality

Dinar Updates Thursday Early PM Chat  3-16-17   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
falconspirit says():i went to the website and the $zims are tradable now?
Doug_W says to falconspirit():thanks girl :)buckaroo says():how is it trading even xe says it is suspended indefinitely: In January 2009, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe permitted the use of foreign currency in Zimbabwe in response to an economic decline that caused inflation levels of 5 billion percent. By April 2009, the Zimbabwe dollar was suspended indefinitely. The government has adopted a multiple currency framework which includes the
falconspirit says():it gave it a value

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