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How to Avoid a Life of Misery
By Zat Rana on Wednesday November 15th, 2017

Could it Really be this Simple?

Few who knew Epictetus would have considered him lucky.

He was born a slave 2,000 years ago. He lived and died in poverty. He was permanently crippled from a broken leg, given to him by his master.

They’re not necessarily a list of circumstances that you would wish on anyone you cared about even slightly. The reason his name has lived on for so long, however, isn’t for the misfortunes that he suffered.

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StephenMac63: What are the odds of recycled articles from Iraq this week while the potential classes are going? Abadi could blackout the media, come up with some excuse to sever the internet because they are "repairing" fiber optic lines and that's gonna take some time?

I can imagine that cell phones will not be allowed into the classes as pictures of the lower denoms can be released on social media. Im pretty sure that every single bill thats being used as educational material will be inventoried and accounted for at the end of each class. Might even have a "gag order" in place during training.

I dont think the classes will take long as, IMO, its all about making change, learning the difference between "crediting the debit" and "debiting the credit". Also looking for security features of each denomination. Add and Subtract, the premises of bank telling.

Iraqi News Excerpts & Highlights 11-15-17  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday AM 11-15-17 Part 2 of 2

spanki: another day in dinarland
chattels: UPDATED: Global pressure on Baghdad to talk to Erbil is growing By Rudaw

chattels: Parliament raises its next Sunday, after Parliament votes on the form of a decision regarding the salaries and allowances of volunteers of the Popular Gathering Authority, Parliament votes to join the candidate members to the Interim Parliamentary Committee to address the housing crisis and Parliament votes on recommendations on returning displaced people to their areas

The Bail-In: How You and Your Money Will Be Parted During the Next Banking Crisis

Wall-StreetBy John Lawrence
There will be no more taxpayer bailouts for the Big Wall Street banks. That much has been established by the lobbied to death Dodd-Frank banking reform (yeah, right) bill.
However, instead of taking money from the government (taxpayers), the principal has been established that the next source of money for profligate banks will be your deposit accounts. Yeah, that’s right, the money to stabilize the banking sector during the next crisis will come out of your savings and checking accounts.


StephenMac63: "Get your money back"..."Its a scam"...."They have been destroying each others for centuries"....."Hey, you rich long has it been, like over 9 years already?"

When you got into this it was a total speculation. The average dinar holder is probably a blue collar worker with dire straits and this was shown to be a way out. You bought it, held on to it, many bailed after saying it will never happen. But still you persevered.

But there was a point when it was no longer a speculation, a pipe dream, a hope to rid ourselves of the mere existence of life as we know it. When was that point? The moment that you actually began to see a hope turn into a possibility and which in my opinion, turn into a reality.