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"What if this is True" by (Anonymous) - 6.23.17

I think that is good news from what I have been hearing concerning the rate that is posted on the new CBI website. The way the site is laid out is very good and easy to read as such.

I believe that the $1.20 rate is just a place holder for the moment and we will see a different rate when the site actually goes live.

If Iraq has received the funds that are suppose to be released to them by the end of this month then they fulfilled everything that they were required to do by the IMF, WB, US, etc.

A good guess would be that if everything is as it should be that the GCR/RV is right around the corner which would also mean that ForEx’s will be getting the rate changes as well. I have always been told the that the rate change would appear on the CBI website first and it appears that maybe so.

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27 Minute Call

PD News Excerpts & Highlights Friday PM 6-23-17

Post From Peoples Dinar

JohnandChristina:    Just wondering, how many out there (I am) are feeling that next week is looking to be the best possible week we have ever had for this to happen . Obviously I understand everyday after the yesterday's of it not happening is better than what we have had.

BUT in all seriousness, next week might really be it. I'm trying to encourage everyone to keep positive and keep hoping. If people would please keep any megative comments to a minimum (non existent would be better, lol) that would be greatly appreciated...Love ya'll


Tada:  http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/ go to bottom of page & tell me what you see.... hope I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing... anyone?

Luvwulfs:  That looks like a new in country rate to me

Shane:  Tada what I like it seems to be an improved website for the CBI which years ago Tony told us they were going to do when a Iraq was in charge again

Wrider22:  shane Tony did say that...great memory!

Elmerf123456:  CBI Bulletin Exchange Rates NOTE USD 11 TO 1 IN CHART https://cbi.iq/news/view/168

NetGlobal:  Elmer we have decided that is a error

Elmerf123456:  Time will tell soon.

Spaghetti:  I think that it's probably NOT an error. If so, there are several possibilities. No matter what, it looks like USD getting special status, going first.


FaithPrevails:  IMO they are testing web site and we will continue to see it go up and down. Frank anticipates once it is done the real rate will appear. Between us and them Holidays are abundant so Frank do we pick a new window so people can plan accordingly?

Frank26:  IMO .............. Do not.    Instead stay with one Time Frame at a Time.
For now we STUDY ................ 26th to 30th.    \m/


Hi Everyone,

I bring you some great news today.   
So many of you want to complain when my newsletters are too long and now you complain when they are too short. Really? Lol….lol….lol…Don’t worry, I luv you all just the same..
Why don’t you just read them and learn and forget about the length and instead pay attention more to the content? Maybe you can even print them off and bring them to the toilet to read when you patiently wait for you delivery…lol…lol…I can assure you I will send you ONLY relevant news that I feel you need to know. All the news I send is somehow related and connected to this saga. Many don’t believe this and often my newsletters will get censored and not published. But I assure you I know what I am talking about. It is a shame that many of you have to miss out on these pieces to the puzzle due this censorship in USA of real news.