July 5th 10pm

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Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Early PM 7-05-17  Part 1 of 2
 tman23: Kurdistan to hold referendum Sept 25th.......... AND AS I POSTED IN THE PAST...HERE IT COMES......ANBAR — Local officials and tribal leaders in Anbar threatened to declare the province an autonomous region, as a protest against what they call “humiliation” of civilians at checkpoints set up on the borders with Baghdad.
According to Hamid al-Dulaimi, a member of Anbar provincial council, the continuing closure of al-Soqur checkpoint on the borders with Baghdad will prompt the council to declare the province of Anbar as an autonomous region.
Dulaimi further added that the political and economic circumstances in Anbar are threatening the security situation in the region, due to the closure of al-Soqur checkpoint resulted from the changing prices of food, medicine and building materials.


Frank26:  IMO ................... 1 to 1 is not a lonely Number.


GFulcher66:  Agreed! This should be a sock off cc if Frank is allowed to share half of what has happened this month. A's announcement of liberation from Mosul corresponding to our Independence day seems to be more than a coincidence IMO - whats yours! 

In reference to the 3M's lonely number can anyone comment on what Trump did to change the financial system, basil111 compliance or treasury note ... and when mainstream will be allowed to see this?

BLUWOLF:  7.5.17 I don't absorb anything that is not confirmed with my sources. Nor do I share false hope.

Simply because we are way past the hoping situación and into the receiving scenario.

 I am not jumpy nor in a rush for I know that the number will be issued to me soon and that I will be able to forward them to all of you asasp.

But see I do not post of this anymore for there is nothing else to be said, I was told do not post for you may put this 209 countries RV in jeopardy just permit it to roll on in.

Those of you who don't sleep reading everything that is thrown out there and believe it as bible. Well see you all are in the middle of a anxiety breakdown and you do not need that now.

Read my lips for I will just say just this last time because I care about you, but it is the last correct time. " the GCR is fully hydrated and in the hands of all the countries of the world.

There are no holdup nor will they ever be anymore.

We are 100 percent golden standard. Tiers 1 thru 3 have been all attended.

And we simply are waiting for our turn to go in pending the 800 number. See how simple things are to explain.

Now you can believe what I said to be exactly the truth, which it is or you can continue irritating yourselves into a bad stomach ulcer reading what others create on a daily bases. Good afternoon