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Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard - it is in insignificant matters, and in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others, and denies nothing to itself -- Arthur Schopenhauer

We want the spirit of America to be efficient: we want American character to be efficient; we want American character to display itself in what I may, perhaps, be allowed to call spiritual efficiency -- clear disinterested thinking and fearless action along the right lines of thought -- Woodrow Wilson

When the late J P Morgan was asked what he considered the best bank collateral, he replied, "Character"

By Guy Finley

As we all know, there are trying times when states of discouragement literally dog us – following us around as if they’re waiting for us to fall down, never to rise again.

On these days, our own lackluster emotions are hounded by thoughts barking at us that nothing is right with our lives. On these same days, even our smallest wish to part ways with these painful states gets pushed under by waves of doubt so that our resolve to not sink into a malaise feels like a futile struggle against the inevitable!

​When falling into deeper and deeper states of feeling discouraged, we can almost hear these unspoken words within, “What’s the point? Why bother?”


SexyChocolate: Good morning TNT family...i have a crazy question... How can Iraqi banks receive an international award if we're not exchanging internationally yet?......

Yada: We are not in the seats to see that answer Sexychocolate,,we are in the seats up in the blimp looking down on the progress,,,

Red: There are never guarantees when it comes to the currency markets one thing is for certain we can count on is fluctuation of the currency once it has become tradable on the 4X The problem with the currency once it goes live is the fluctuation, the Dinar will not make a straight-line march to the top and then a straight line marked back to four dollars it may fluctuate wildly and it’s easy to get caught on the wrong side of those big swings, wisdom must prevail and caution at all times.

Red: the best wat to catch the market top in a IQD move upward is to sell the dinar you hold in about 7 to 10 segments, as the market moves in your favor sell 10 % and repeat that untill your dinar is gone, you will cost average in reverse for the best overall gain jmvho


Samson:  China preparing to trade oil in yuan, no more US dollar

15th December, 2017

China earlier this year announced plans to start a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold in a bid meant to challenge the dominance of the US dollar

China has reportedly completed its fifth dry run in yuan-backed oil futures contract trading thus moving closer to what could be a revolutionary move to challenge the dominance of the US dollar.

Bloomberg in a report said 149 members of Shanghai International Energy Exchange traded 647,930 lots in the rehearsal with a total value of 268.2 billion yuan. The system met the listing requirements of crude futures after the exercise, it added.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 15 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 15 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 14 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Last Saturday Dec. 9 Iraqi PM Abadi announced their liberation from ISIS, currency change to the gold standard and the new Dinar rate.

2. We were now waitimg for that new Dinar rate to be posted on the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) website and the Forex.

3. Last night Dec. 13 China kicked off everything at 12 pm EST.

4. Today Dec. 14 the Forex did load the new Dinar rate, along with the new rates of other five major currencies to be exchanged (Dong, Zim, Ruphia, Rial), but then took them down again.