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Don961: Some are confused and have asked :

Chapter VII , Chapter VI are UN sanctions ...having to do with Kuwait war reparations from Sadaam's attack on them ....

Article VIII compliance has to do with the IMF ... Dotting all the i's , crossing all the t's to comply with IMF rules and regulations


Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 12-09-17  
txbrand: Haider Al-Abadi 7 hrs Iraqis: Your land has been completely liberated, and your cities and the usurper have returned to the bosom of the motherland. Liberation has become the truth and the hand of the hand.
Blossom: @txbrand thnx tx!
Blossom: @txbrand I have a friend in Iraq n he posted on fb.
txbrand: @Blossom cool
txbrand: @Blossom what did he say ?
Blossom: @txbrand Isis all gone. He told me he had to kill a few of them. He is a lieutenant in Iraqi army.


By Gerry Maguire Thompson
It’s my belief that humor is one of the greatest agents we have for good in this world. Humor is vital to human life, and probably always has been.  
It is timeless, and occurs in all cultures.  Everyone loves someone who is genuinely funny. Yet there is always something about it that remains mysterious and elusive. I’d like to look into it a little, with particular regard to its positive and constructive potential.
As a purely physiological phenomenon, science has pinpointed many of the benefits of laughter. It “generates powerful alternating cycles of arousal and relaxation”. (Sounds uncannily like sex, doesn’t it? Actually, the two really are alike, in more ways than one.) 
Laughter benefits many of the body’s vital systems: the respiratory, cardio-vascular, hormonal and even immune system.  The general muscular involvement of other parts of the body is beneficial too. Even smiling releases beneficial endorphins and hormones.

By Shannon Crane
We get to choose in each moment what we are focused upon. For most of us, however, there are so many distractions clamoring for our attention it’s easy to lose focus.
Our minds are undisciplined and our attention often gets pulled off in directions we don’t necessarily consciously want to travel. Every now and then we can see the big picture, but most the time we are caught in the minutia of daily living.
All the while, in the background of our unconscious, we are running scripts and programs that are contributing to the creation of our reality. It is not possible for us to be conscious of what these are at all times, but in our moments of awareness we can start to work with what we see. We can uproot any “faulty” programming we observe, plant new seeds, and practice mindfulness and self-compassion.

Frank video


SassyD: "GOOD things come to those that BELIEVE...... BETTER things come to those that have PATIENCE.... The BEST things are coming to those that DID NOT QUIT !!!"

Airam: After Abadi speeches what are we waiting for....RV....or there's something else......budget- good 140 -good....Chapter vii- good......isis caput- good .....kurds happy -good there something left to wait for???   Besides RV??

Phantom809: Bank….Airam -- I think we are there and in the final line waiting for the go light.

D2X: Ariam, watch for the rate change, I think everything that we are aware of has been completed. We are truly in an any minute scenario.


Boxman: Frank , good to see you you feel like a great weight has been  

Frank26: YES !!! !!! !!!

Boxman: Frank, i seem to remember you mentioning foundations...are you building a house...hehehe 

Frank26: NO ............ALREADY BUILT.............. WAITING.

Notthe1: Delta is singing , " I'm leaving on a jet plane ....So planes are landing .... ships are docking ... the turtle has crossed the finish line ... and a famous Movie line , " SHOW ME THE $$$$". 

RJG: Monday CC, hmmmmm maybe we need one maybe we don’t as fast as things are moving it could be a post RI CC.

StephenMac63: The skeleton key is in the door (Liberation Announcement)
The Key turned (UNSC Release) Now we just need to turn the knob and listen to the hinges.