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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Friday   1-26-18  

blackgold: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s electoral commission has set May 12, 2018 for the country’s next parliamentary elections, the date needs to be yet approved by the Iraqi parliament.

​Kate al-Zubaei, deputy head of the Iraqi commission, announced that they made this announcement in accordance with the the law that requires the commission to hold the general election before the end of the current term of the parliament.

blackgold: Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi Vice President, and head of Abadi’s Dawa Party, has for long advocated for a political majority to run the country, a formula that will radically change the state of the Iraqi politics that has been in place since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Stand4Christ: Family, when you have time, PLEASE listen to this Q&A by Trump at DAVOS ... only about 10 minutes

President Donald Trump Takes Questions at Davos World Economic Forum 1/26/18 –

YouTube   https://youtu.be/tCKY2c8RgPY

This guy is truly a master strategist ..... February 1st, money supposed to start flowing from the tax reform big time. Oh wait, what other things "might" also suddenly "possibly" begin to flow by around February 1st ???

---- I really believe that, for long term speaking, the tax reform were meant to be great for America; but for short term speaking, the timing of the tax reform might very well be designed to MASK the sudden FLOODING of money that will flow out of the Dinar community, so that the world will not know what's going on, and so that many will simply give credit to Trump's tax reform; hence, controlling his narrative !!!!  

Bravo, Trump, may the LORD blesses you and your house, Amen !!

Federal Reserve Banks handle billions of dollars in currency each day. In the district served by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, currency is processed at the East Rutherford Operations Center in New Jersey.

Each business day, the New York Fed processes more than 19 million notes deposited by depository institutions.

The New York Fed destroys approximately five million unfit currency notes each business day.

Each business day, Federal Reserve Banks handle currency that is deposited by banks. 

Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

*There is about $1.2 trillion dollars of U.S. currency in circulation.

*The Federal Reserve Banks distribute new currency for the U.S. Treasury Department, which prints it.

*Depository institutions buy currency from Federal Reserve Banks when they need it to meet customer demand, and they deposit cash at the Fed when they have more than they need to meet customer demand.

As of July 2013, currency in circulation—that is, U.S. coins and paper currency in the hands of the public—totaled about $1.2 trillion dollars. The amount of cash in circulation has risen rapidly in recent decades and much of the increase has been caused by demand from abroad. The Federal Reserve estimates that the majority of the cash in circulation today is outside the United States.


Don961:  Newspaper: Abadi demanded Jordan to return 28 billion dollars deposited by Saddam Hussein's sons in the banks of the Kingdom .. And so replied

The newspaper "Al-Diyar," the Lebanese newspaper, reported on Thursday, demanding Iraq $ 28 billion, are in accounts on behalf of the sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay, and return to Iraq as a public monarch.

"Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called on the Jordanian government to return $ 28 billion of Iraqi funds that Saddam Hussein and Saddam Hussein's sons Saddam Hussein had delivered in three Jordanian banks," the paper said.

The newspaper added that "Iraq considers the amount of 28 billion dollars of the wealth of the Iraqi people, and Jordan to ask Jordanian banks to hand over to the Iraqi government."


DePaul: Did you know each time a $1 changes such as how many loaves of bread can be purchased with $1 our currency should have as well changed which notifies the citizens of our country our countries worth is going up/down. Back in the day in 1936 66 loaves of bread could purchased with a $1

And because $1 is so embedded into other continents and their systems are designed and built from the $1 since WWII, the BRICS nations are separating themselves from the USD and they are the first...therefore all that $1 USD stock piled in their reserves the previously utilized to buy foreign goods will come back to our country because now less of a demand

We are gold backed now...Thank God..and our FIAT USD 1$ USD will be replaced with a new currency eventually

JackSmits: Actually, DePaul, I do not believe we are gold backed now. We've heard that over and over for y ears and it's never true.

DePaul: We have been for quite sometime, hence our new currency that circulated back in 2013