April 18th 6pm

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MilitiaMan: Article:    "National Alliance for Ngeevi: We will announce the settlement after the liberation of Mosul, not after the election"

This is oh so huge and along the Final Article Pathway!~ MM  Franks Ta Da Frankin DA is da Bomb as well.    
Frank26:   Yesterday they showed you 1000 to 1 today they show you Mosul so if they show you the budget tomorrow it has to be an international rate because they are international already

Aggiedad77:  International indeed.....oh can one say "right before your eyes"......puts a whole new meaning to "As the World Turns" I am thinking......real life version......not some crazy soap opera for sure.   Aloha   Randy

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
April 18, 2017 Santiago, Chile 

​Options To  Legally Reduce What You Owe

On October 22, 1986, the world was an entirely different place. 

The Soviet Union still loomed, as did the threat of nuclear annihilation. 

Most people had no idea how to use a computer, let alone even heard of the “Internet” (which at the time was still a military communications project.) 

Hardly anyone had ever seen a cell phone. And with a $4,000 price tag, even fewer people owned one. 


Aggiedad77:  Family if I may share a few tidbits with you:
Keep in mind the clock of the ME is unlike our western clock....dances to a different drummer.....makes for difficult planning or coordination of things
President Trump has done much good with/for Iraq working through Abadi and others IMO.....he's done his part....applied his pressure at the right places.....but we are watching for the ball to be put in play now....for it can be of great economic benefit when applied to against world presure points....

NK for example.....the boil continues to fester....but the antibiotic is ready for quick application to bring a lasting healing....cooperation comes from different directions than has been perceived in the past.....as time moves on....so do we and those we rub elbows with....diplomacy and business relationships are cause of partnerships where tensions once reigned.

Thanks Dr. Clarke for sending this to us today~The Recaps Team

DR. CLARKE: Latest Update - Tuesday, April 18, 2017. As of TODAY, we are posting this information as our most recent update of information, and with regard to ALL other posts we’ve EVER made in the past, and supersedes ALL INFORMATION previously posted, here on Dinar Recaps……which, for the record, is the ONLY place, we’ve ever posted any information, whatsoever on the internet, in ANY form.

CHANGE: Due to the current status of all Worldwide Conditions that exist as of this date, and the most recent ongoing developments taking place with ALL countries, which includes, but not limited to Iraq, Vietnam and their currencies the Dinar and Dong respectively, we believe, and it is our opinion NOW, that - “ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME.”

We will continue this status, from this moment on, for and into the foreseeable future.

This means, in our opinion, that we NOW believe that Iraq and Vietnam, COULD substantially raise the value of their Currencies, the Dinar & Dong - AT ANY TIME.


Frank26:  The CBI and GOI is meeting with the IMF and WB.

If it was just with the IMF i would say it was a regular continual meeting.............. But it's not.

W to E to E.

IMO ............. DC is HOT right now.

DELTA is emailing The IMF.

WS (Walkingstick) may never be back.

The Net is not Dead ............. It's lost.

ITEAM ...............Is quieter than i.