July 20th 6pm

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Will:  It says second reading and access the third.  So which one is it?  (See article below)

Frank26:  3rd

MilitiaMan:  Now this is a spark that will put out the Flaring of Gas, but, will fuel support for the International Currency and the peoples bottom dinar.. The Second reading! That is HUGE!. ~ Amen and Thanks again our Friend! ~ MM

Walkingstick:   Iraqi Parliament: Law "National Oil" below the level of ambition

Directly he said a member of the parliamentary committee of the Iraqi Oil and Energy, said that the current version of the law of the National Oil Company does not represent the aspirations of the oil industry in Iraq, citing Iraqi News Agency "INA". 
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​July 19, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
Recently I was listening to some group of guys on a call. I stumbled across this call, so I though I would listen to it and see what they are talking about. The call turned out to be VERY depressing as far as us investors are concerned. If it was all TRUTH (which it isn't)  I would not mind so much. But  once again only a bunch of opinions and nothing more. Just a new twist to intel and instead of positive hype and rumors they gave it a pessimistic spin on hype and rumors. Nothing has changed. Still no one talking about the FACTS.
So in light of this I want to warn everyone DO NOT SELL YOUR DINAR!
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Frank26 and KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday AM 7-20-17


Sheila:  Found this on Home - Gulf Commercial Bank 

Welcome to the official website of Gulf Commercial Bank. We hope that you will find everything you need on this website.

I hope this is correct found it very interesting     Sheila

Will:    nice, from their site regarding masrtercards

The Master Card can be obtained from Gulf Bank branches

The card can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The MasterCard card operates inside Iraq and abroad

The card can be used on ATM machines and POS terminals and can also be used for purchases from the Internet


RJG:  my thoughts on the billion dollars worth of bonds they will sell in USD. Here goes!!!! Frank you have taught us in the past that by the time we see things(news) in print, things have already been done(news is behind)
So my thinking is:

1) bonds have already been sold or already in the process of being sold.

2) These bonds will not be sold to the people, so those that are in line to purchase such bonds have the money to do so and to do so quickly because they have a reason to.

3) A Billion dollars of bonds will be sold very very quickly, if not already done.

This is all just in my humble opinion and may not mean anything, but I do know and believe we are about to get of the first part of this ride, (second part 72-78 days will be fun)