March 21st 6pm

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3/21/2018 09:41:49 am
Okie dokie skokie. Spring has sprung.
And Pres. Trump met with the Saudi Prince yesterday.
Soooo are all the boxes checked? Are we good to go?
DR. CLARKE (3-21-18):

HereWeGo: March 26 must PASS. OIL.

HigherGround: Thank You. Acknowledged & Received.

Virginia Gentleman: Very Good. ALMOST.

Menno57: Bingo. 98%.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday  3-21-18  

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 1h1 hour ago Iraqi Foreign Minister tells his Turkish counterpart that Iraq rejects Turkish military operations in north Iraq.

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 Following Following @DavidMWitty1 Iraq tells Turkey it will not accept Turkish military forces in north Iraq. Tells Turkey it must with from its base at Bashiiqa in Iraq.

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 Mar 20 After 3 week military operation, Iraqi PMU (Hashd) says ISIS has been removed from Kirkuk province.


DoeTracker: today is the 21st and a holiday in iraq also a New Day for iraq moving from darkness to light and between today and the 25th they should see the new rate according to monday's call. let's hope all moves forward according to plan

Gadget: Ge people...just thought this little tidbit would interest you… While watching a documentary on Zimbabwe they stated that there was a lot of gold in the country to make everyone in the country a millionaire …..that’s pretty cool

Elmerf123456: Time to engage your POWER and stand FIRM 1.The ability to act or produce an effect 2.capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect 3.a source or means of supplying energy; 4.bodily strength 5.securely or solidly fixed in place 6.not easily moved or disturbed 7.securely or solidly fixed in place

Elmerf123456: The greatest possibilities we face through our Dinarian family is the chance to create new wonderful possibilities for those who didn't have a chance to be part of this.

​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
March 20, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Japan is so broke that its prisons are full of 80+ year old ‘felons’

‘Mrs. F.’ was 84 years old the first time she ever went to prison.

Her crime? Petty shoplifting. She stole rice, strawberries, and cold medicine.

She served her time. Got released. Then shoplifted again so that she’d go back to prison.

By Diane Wing

Belonging Despite Differences is Daunting

There are times when we feel like outsiders, not belonging to any particular group or succumbing to a specific way of thinking. All the talk about tribe and community but not being aligned with one makes us question our ability to connect.

Some of us use Facebook to feel connected and noticed, yet the loneliness comes through the posts. Even within family units, if we come across as resisting an accepted way of being, thinking, or believing from the rest of our blood relatives, there is a sense of being “different.”